FUBAR Sessions From driving Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart to gunning for the official voice of Calgary transit, this is a compilation of all the dumb, fucked up shit Terry’s failed at. Despite his total lack of success, Terry can teach you valuable life lessons like how to shotgun a beer or fuck the dog at work.
TNT FUBAR Terry and Trish want to regain custody of their son Deano so they can afford to get divorced. Terry tries to become a professional manager for Calgary’s wrestling royalty the Harts, Shank’s swindles them to pay for his reno, Trish gets deep into a pyramid scheme and everyone learns home is where the hash is! Let’s get fucked up and fucken giver already!
On the Road with Terry Cahill from FUBAR Terry's on an East-bound quest to find himself, and he's gonna give'er every' hitchhikin' Pilsner-shotgunnin' step of the fuckin' way.