Preview Show : Episode Descripton
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 29 - Weird Birds The Boys are frisky as fuck today! They chat about 19" weiners, Ricky's sexy chocolate fondue party, and the weirdest places they've banged. Also: the muscular mayor works out!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 28 - I Think I Love You On today's BAKED episode: Bubbles' singing gopher, how to tickle a star, lesbian koalas, and how to make the Egyptian pyramids more awesomer. And guess which school supplies item Julian once get stuck up his pisshole!!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 27 - The $33 Shit Put down your new (stolen) smartphones, Boys - you've got an episode of Park After Dark to film! Today's subjects include cock jockeys, golden toilets, and what to do if the bank gives you a bunch of scrilla by mistake. Also: Bubbles wants a ride in an Alpha Jet!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 26 - Here Kitty Kitty Kitty Come Kitty Cockface This week, the Boys ponder some big questions: Why do rich people need so much shit? Is cheerleading a sport? Is death by banging better than death by skydiving? Plus: Bubbles wants a penis-faced cat!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 25 - Sweet Empowered Porno Balls Bubbles interviews a special guest this week - Julian! But will his muscles talk? The Boys also talk like pirates, search for a job for Bubbles, and Ricky tries his hand (or is that cock?!) as an erotic scriptwriter!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 49 - Eat A Dick The Boys receive some mouth-watering treats this week - but who's brave enough to eat the chocolate cock? Also: JP gets a box of East Coast goodies, and Mike's birthday blowout continues!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 48 - Happy Blow on Your Wiener Day Mike's got a big birthday blowout package, including awesome Oreos, exploding space food, and a bunch of $crilla! Also: The Boys receive the contents of a Hawaiian hardware store?!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 24 - Robert Sheehan's Shirtless Circus Ricky's started up an 'AirDnD', and his first guest is only fuckin' Umbrella Academy star Robert Sheehan! Discover Robert's favourite movie, how to poop like a champion, and who beat the piss out of him on a film set. Also: Randy gets physical!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 23 - Sunnyvale SuperHosts and the SuperGuest Forget Kimmel, Conan and Carson - make way for talk show superhost Bubbles and his fucked assistants! Today they interview Kids In The Hall star Kevin McDonald, who chats about his fear of hotel bathrooms, how he got bornt, the most awesome 10/10 celebs, and how he lost his penis in London!
Greenmount Greenmount Episode 10 - Anniversary It's not just Wednesday (or Thursday, or whatever the fuck it is) - it's the guys' one year move-in anniversary! Time for a celebration... or a few home truths?
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 22 - Where's Your Head At?! The Boys need to clean up the after last week's Green Jellÿ piss-fest, as they have a special guest - cluster headaches survivor Tom Termeer! He talks about the world's most painful disease, and how he got his head fixed. Also: The Pennsylvania potato pisser, falling in love with a dolphin, and Ricky's latest book learnings!
Greenmount Greenmount Episode 9 - Is He Dead? There are three things you need when you discover a dead body in your kitchen: an alibi, mustard, and piss. Obviously.
Greenmount Greenmount Episode 8 - Burning Rat All things must pass, including beloved, coke-addled pets. Can the guys hold it together for Rat's fiery send-off? Or will they just fuck it up as usual?
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 21 - Green Jellÿ Apocalypse Nothing to see here, just rockers GREEN JELLŸ totally fucking up Ricky's trailer! Down some ball shots and get ready to party like it's 1992! Also: fucked sing-alongs, piss shooters, and has Julian found his long-lost dad?!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 47 - The Super Super Mailbag Trifecta Mega Package Everyone's a fucking winner at SwearNet this week, as superfan Amy has sent in three massive packages! Among the goodies inside: a bag that doesn't fuck around, sauce hotter than your momma's taint, and gifts that make Grumpy Pumpy as excited as fuck!