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Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 11 - When A Shit Day Goes Good Ricky's blue because his bank heist went to shit last night - literally! Thank fuck Bubbles and Julian - and a big TPB fan - have something to cheer him up. The Boys also invent Cottonloaf cupcakes, discuss a greasy new perfume, and admire Bubbles' Meat Man!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 40 - The Last Shit Supper It's raining cats and cocks in the SwearNet studio, but the Boys don't give a fuck as they've got hard rock, booger beans and dirty ol' lobster in a can! Plus: A big package for Ricky Lafleur!
State of the Union State of the Union Season 2 June 7, 2019 It's been a while... a long fuckin' while... but SOTU is BACK!! The Boys reveal the set for a new SwearNet show, and have news about the Animated Series, Mike's recent fundraiser, and partying at Hair in the Fair!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 10 - Gettin' Book Learnt With Ricky Ricky's been browsing the True section of the bookstore, and has been getting learnt about paranormal pets! And did Bubbles really own a book-reading kitty? Also: A muscleman with more muscles than Julian, chickens that are really pancakes, and a spider that gives you a boner! Holy fuck, that hash jello was strong...
Cheap Smokes Cheap Smokes Season 3 Episode 9 - Little Samsquamptch in the Big City Heather's moved on and is living her best life, dealing with romance, shaving, and trying not to shit on the kitchen floor. Unfortunately she's picked up a few bad habits...
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 9 - Baby Supersub Ricky's constructed the world's cutest cheese and bologny sammich - but are you supposed to eat it or burp it?! Also: Getting fucked up on nutmeg, the sweet taste of beaver ass juice, and how to make a bunch of scrilla from a melon!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 8 - Kraft Dinner Muscle Meal Julian and Ricky concoct a new Kraft Dinner dish - with one weird fucking ingredient! The Boys also discuss Arnold Schwarzenegger, facts about the sun, and a woman who thinks she's a horse. Also: The Boys rebuild a Boeing 787!
Cannabis Cannabis Episode 8 - Peace Out from Peace East! It's the final episode of Season 1, but don't get sad, get happy at Nova Scotia's Peace East! Amy discovers dabbing in a yurt, secret stashes, and gets high without cannabis. She also reviews Tangerine Dream, chats to joint expert Craig Ex, and answers your cannabis questions!
Cheap Smokes Cheap Smokes Season 3 Episode 8 - YOU BET: The Movie (Trailer) Not coming to a theater near you this summer: A tale of danger, intrigue, sex, danger, ass, intrigue... and ass. This is Jean-Marie's story. This is the movie we don't deserve.
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 7 - I'd Bang One of You Guys for a Slap Chop Julian's calling the shots in Ricky's kitchen today - and dirty ol' Dog Cakes are on the menu! The Boys also discuss itchy nuts, sad onions and damn spicy pickles, and Ricky gets us learnt about flying!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 6 - Bubbles' Slow Fried Bologny Sammiches Grab a bologny sammich and join the Boys as they figure out how to hear the wind, what's at the end of the universe, and the existence of samsquamptches and moonicorns! And guess who ate one kushy gummy bear too many, and is now baked as fuck?!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 39 - Episode Seven Million, Four Hundred and Twelve On today's stuffed Mailbag: A fucked idea for a SwearNet show, candy smokes (let's go), bone suckin' mustard and a Beatles bonanza! And are two superfans trying to kill the Boys with fucking fruit pies?!?
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 5 - Givin'r With FUBAR The Boys have a special fucking guest today: Terry from FUBAR has stumbled into the park, in search of his Nova Scotian ancestors! He's also brought some fucked frozen treats from the Prairies - who dares eat one? They also discuss mouth hugs, the Littlest Hobo, and how to cook bolonairs!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 4 - Three-Soft-Cock Dornichos It's raining horse cocks outside, but it's cosy in the trailer as Ricky cooks up an awesome pepperoni treat! The Boys also discuss eye bees, how not to fuck up a microwave oven, and more amazing facts about Canada... or not!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 3 - Heaty Mac 'n' Cheese With Deep-Fried Chicken Parts Ricky's got a new gift - an awesome $6 microwave! Before he blows the fuckin' roof off the trailer with it, he cooks up the best Kraft Dinner ever, guaranteed to get him banged! Also: Visiting a bear in jail, the worst ever Guinness World Record attempt, and the Boys make a phone call to... Canada!