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Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Jarrett Campbell Jarrett Campbell is a white man who love Alanis Morissette and is headlining a pay-what-you-can show. Vote for him by clicking the “like” button.
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 2 Episode 28 - Pussyvale, Nova Scotia On the latest protein-filled fuckburger of fun: Julian plays Guess the Fucking Thing, Bubbles attempts to solve the monolith mystery, and Ricky's having trouble getting word learnt! Also: The Boys come up with a plan to get free porn!
Real Fucking Reality Show Real Fucking Reality Show Episode 56 - The Roach Approach What the fuck is that noise? Could it be thunder? Farts? Or could it be a soon-to-be-ex-news presenter, drunk as fuck with his greasy bag hanging out? Hmmm...
State of the Union State of the Union Season 2 December 1, 2020 It's the BIGGEST fucking SOTU ever! With BIG FUCKING NEWS! BIGGGG!! Tune in the fuck NOW and catch up with all the BIG NEWS!!! Also: Fuck off, French Pat
Swearnet News Swearnet News December 1, 2020 A Special Fucking Report from the Bedford Basin, Nova Scotia. Pat goes beyond the bullshit and asks: Is that mystery barge for sexy sea orgies, or some other fucking thing? And what is the truth behind the royal boob-shaped lodge?
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 2 Episode 27 - Ricky the Duct Tape Carpenter No more Grumpy Pumpy - Julian's changed his tune and is looking on the bright side of life! The Boys rock out to Roch Voisine, and discuss alien monoliths, Ricky's new party shirt and fighting an alligator! Also: Nice table, Ricky! No wait, it's fucked.
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 61 - Mailbag Killer Book Club The Boys receive a package from England - is it from the Queen, or a fucking murderer?! Mike gets another bumper box from Amy, and grab your liquor, there's a t-shirt party round at JP's!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 2 Episode 26 - Weed and Hash Math with Ricky Join Luigi Villeneuve, Clifton Francois de Lugio and Mika Tina for another fucked Park After Dark! Discover if you can teach a drunk horse new tricks, how to sell frozen pigeons to China, and the best way to get learnt on math. Also: Why the fuck doesn't the Apple Store sell apples?!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 60 - The Butt Plug Hour Welcome to the Ultimate Hot Bag! Pat Roach joins the Boys as they unwrap more awesome gifts, including a touching letter from a US military vet, chocolate bar heaven, pooping cats and 8.26" of pleasure!
Real Fucking Reality Show Real Fucking Reality Show Episode 55 - And Now the Fuckin' Re-News with Pat Roach Robb, JP and Mike critique Pat's recent news broadcasts. Did he pass the test? Did he fuck!! And what the fuck is Pat up to in the SwearNet kitchen?
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 2 Episode 25 - Worm Brain Robot On the latest fucked-up, baked-as-fuck Park After Dark: Julian wants to fall in love and get married - guess which buxom mega-star is his perfect match! A dirty fuckin' alien worm gives Bubbles an idea for a movie, and Ricky reveals which fish he'd like to date. Also: Elon's Musk - smell like a billionaire!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 2 Episode 24 - Seven Days of 007 The Boys pay their respects to James Bond star Sir Sean Connery, and chat about his most awesome movies. They also discuss the whale that saved a train, oiling up The Rock, and getting a rat up your arse! Also: What would Ricky, Julian and Bubbles be doing in the year 1850?!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 2 Episode 23 - Tricky Peaky Sparkly Fucky Treaters Happy fuckin' Halloween, everybody! The Boys and Randy are going all out for the annual costume contest - who looks decent, and who looks fucked as fuck?! Also: Getting learnt by male sex dolls, lizard holes, and the Halloween COVID candy pipe!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 2 Episode 22 - Cracked Armour That bank machine was for to get opened today, but Bubbles has decided to bring a cop to the trailer! Are the Boys about to get busted, or does the cop have a fuckin' important message to share? Wanna help? Visit the Returning Warriors Ranch GoFundMe:
Swearnet News Swearnet News October 20, 2020 Assholes - they're everywhere! Pat Roach investigates the wonderful world of buttholes... and reveals the biggest!