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Terry is FUBAR Terry is FUBAR FUBAR Sessions Episode 10 - Golfing With The Boys From On The Bench Terry hires some pro caddies to help with the charity golf game. GIV'FORE!!!
Randy's Reach Randy's Reach Episode 3 - Belly Splinters Renovation begins! Randy needs lumber to build his deck. But holy frig, the price of wood's gone through the roof! Think positive, you got this...
BullSh!t BullSh!t Episode 1 - The Dollar Bill Troy and Chuck have differences as they put together their first Pro Wrestling Event, post-pandemic.
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 4 Episode 43 - Green Eggs And Ham Oh Daddy Boy! Ricky, Julian and Bubbles celebrate St. Patty's day with green beer, green fuckin' flashy things, and a toast to snakes. They also discuss hangovers in space, eight uses for piss, and show off their knowledge of movie stars... not!
Terry is FUBAR Terry is FUBAR FUBAR Sessions Episode 9 - Lazer: How To Shotgun Pucker up, fuckers! Terry gives a shotgunning masterclass with newbie Lazer.
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 4 Episode 42 - Beware The Idiots Of March It's a happy and laffy day - spring's around the corner, and the Boys are high on edibles! Julian reveals a greasy fetish, Bubbles wants a date with Rick Rubin, and Ricky finds an upside to the warming of the globe. Also: Cocaine Bear, muscle tattoos, and why VW can fuck off!
TPB Digital Store TPB Digital Store Swearnet Live SwearNet LIVE! Launch Show Celebrate 10 years of SwearNet! March 9, 2013: Mike, JP and Robb take their new 'SwearNet' concept into a TV studio to record an internet show in front of a live audience and with friends and special guests, including Pat Roach, Leigh MacInnis and their own alter egos, the Trailer Park Boys.
Randy's Reach Randy's Reach Episode 2 - Lemony Fresh Opening up a business is a lot of work. Randy needs to get the trailer up to safety code… cheaply! Thank frig he has his good friends Bubbles and Julian to help him out!
Randy's Reach Randy's Reach Episode 1 - A Crappy Thing Made Beautiful Imagine yourself eating delicious onion rings and apple pie, listening to the smooth sounds of Liberace... Randy's Reach will be open for business soon! But first, it needs some serious friggin' renovations!
Social Shorts Social Shorts Season 3 Social Roundup - Feb 2023 Worst Case Ontario, Randy's nipples give us six more weeks of winter. Also: more FUBAR, and clips from upcoming pro wrestling series BullSh!t!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 4 Episode 41 - The Randy Explosion Randy smells like ass, but Julian's interested in doing some greasy business with him - how much can he charge for a Randy all-nighter? The Boys also reveal a vibin' cure for constipation, a Disney hack for the kiddies, and why women should throw away their make-up!
Randy's Reach Randy's Reach Trailer: Randy's Reach! Coming on March 9th, 2023: Randy has a new trailer in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park and he’s looking to turn it into Sunnyvale's first diner. With the “help” of Julian, he’ll renovate the trailer and turn it into the burger factory that he’s always dreamed of. Come on down to Randy's Reach!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 4 Episode 40 - Wonderful, Wonderful Drugs The Boys are trippin' after the Portland show - find out which stars they partied with! There's news on a Cadbury's Creme Egg heist, a shitty theatre review, and magic lab chicken. Also: Fuck the sun, lock up your catalytic convertors!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 4 Episode 39 - Viva Las Fackin' Vegas The Boys are back from Las Vegas after launching their new TPB D9 gummies - just how fucked up did they get? Find out if Bubbles got lucky on Valentine's Day, and why UFOs come in peace! Also: Cool sports car, tiny cock?
BullSh!t BullSh!t Trailer: BullSh!t Bullsh!t is a documentary series following a group of people involved in the independent professional wrestling business. Wrestling promoter Chuck, and his matchmaker/booker Troy, work together - and at times against each other - to stage and promote the first big live wrestling event in the Maritimes since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Cameras follow Troy and Chuck, documenting the behind-the-scenes process of putting together a professional wrestling show from start to finish... and all the Bullsh!t that takes place in between.