Preview Show : Episode Descripton
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 42 - Light a Candle for Neil Peart Grab a drink, crank up the RUSH and light a candle for the greatest fuckin' drummer in the world - but don't be sad, Bubbles has got yer belly! Also: Fucked world news, Diego the banging turtle, flying to the moon, and Ricky's butter pudding blueberry yogurt!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 41 - 2020, the Year of the Hindsight The Boys have recovered from their holiday partying and are good to go... except for one! Will his new one-a-week fruit diet get him healthy? The Boys discuss the dangers of flying with weed, the Australian bushfire disaster, and some DECENT news from deep space. Also: on (or off) the fuckin' menu - camel burgers and butter yogurt!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 38 - Chicken Fingers and Two Giant Weiners Ricky's planning to get fucked out of his header and cook up some awesome chicken fingers for Christmas! But before that, the Boys have to investigate an unusual anatomical anomaly... what in the FUCK?!? Also: Bubbles is the handsome judge in a new game called If You Had To!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 39 - Best Fuckin' Christmas Ever There's double dip chicken fingers for dinner, a shit-ton of weed, awesome presents under the tree, and a stolen inflatable Santa. Time for a DECENT nine-day Christmas party in Sunnyvale! There's even a visit from a fucked little elf!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 40 - On the Ninth Day of Fuckedmas HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It's finally 2020, just like Bubbles' perfect vision! The Boys try to piece together the last nine days of partying, which included tinfoil gladiator fights, magic pizza, and Santa stabbings. Bubbles also hosts another game of If I Had To - let the fucking arguments commence!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 50 - Mike Smith Is Alive The Boys get back in the bag for another dope edition of Mailbag! Will they just get shit to sign, or more fucking shit to sign? Also: Maritime Grime, greasy tees, and a gift for sexual happiness!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 51 - Fill Ya Mouth! Here comes the sugar rush - there's a corni-fucking-copia of sweet treats for the Boys on this bumper edition of Mailbag! Which candy gets the thumbs-up, and which might contain Icelandic horse?! Also: Vinyl treasures, Yo Mama, and a dancing cock!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 37 - Space Weed The Boys are back from tour and they're still fucked up from the liquor and gummies! Today's topics include crash test pigs, castaway cows, banana art, and a fucked place to store your credit cards. Plus: Ricky applies for his dream job at NASA!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 36 - Guess the Sauce Honey mustard, ranch, or hot as fuck?! Bubbles dips Randy's mystery meats and guesses the sauce in Ricky's game! The Boys also play Would You Rather, discuss dinosaur piss and WD-40, and Julian gets something extra in his Rum & Coke!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 35 - Jacob, Workin' Man Jacob's overworked, underpaid, and totally fucked! He joins Ricky, Julian and Bubbles on today's episode and reveals how much work he's doing - and Ricky's profiting from it! There's only one way to resolve this... a thrilling round of Sunnyvale Jeopardy!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 34 - Doctor Bubbles Bubbles has some bad news for Ricky and Julian - they're addicts! Can they live without dope and liquor? Clue: NO. They also discuss kiddie rides on car roofs, why cats are smarter than dogs, and why you shouldn't smoke dope in North Korea!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 33 - Ricky LaFleur's French Test The Boys are all at sea today as they discuss why you don't fuck with a walrus, and whale fart-powered cars - take fuckin' note, Elon Musk! Bubbles and Julian test Ricky to see how French he really is, and Bubbles has the greasiest weiner story ever - literally!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 32 - Everyone's a Winner, Baby The price is fucking right as Ricky and Julian go head-to-head in Bubbles' trivia challenge! Discover how many bras are made every day, how to bang a starfish, and why you shouldn't go on an acid trip at Disneyland. Also: Ricky gets an anatomy lesson!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 31 - That's How You Fucking Do Halloween, Boys A googly-eyed Stranger Things monster, an alien pizza delivery guy and a lobster fisherman compare their bulging Halloween sacks - and guess who fucking stole most of his swag! They also discuss banging in horror movies, and the best and worst Halloween costumes!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 30 - Green Eggs and Ham and Liquor and Dope On today's totally unpre-fucking-pared for episode: Ricky tests the Motel's favourite ninja sword, imagines a wild night out with Dr. Seuss and Mr. Rogers, and gets learnt about Instant-gram. Plus: Guess which grumpy pumpy muscleman isn't on Bubbles' Christmas card list this year!