Swearnet.com Incorporated Frequently Asked Questions

Version 1.4 : August 29, 2022

Have a question about SwearNet, need technical help, or have some random fuckin’ Trailer Park Boys question? Check the FAQs below - please read before contacting us!

1. SwearNet.com and the SwearNet app

How do I Contact Technical Support?

If you have a payment or other technical issue not covered in the FAQ below:

App: Use the link near the bottom of the Settings screen

Web: Use the Contact Technical Support form

What in the FUCK is SwearNet, and why should I subscribe?

SWEARNET.COM is the streaming comedy network from the stars of Trailer Park Boys! For only $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year, get exclusive access to hilarious new weekly content, plus hundreds of hours of videos straight from Sunnyvale Trailer Park and the SwearNet studios. Download the SwearNet app from the App Store and Google Play and stream SwearNet wherever and whenever the fuck you want!

Whaddya get for just $1.99 a month?! THIS:

  • PARK AFTER DARK - Join Ricky, Julian and Bubbles in the trailer every Friday for 30 fucked minutes of baked chat, gossip and laughter
  • SWEARNET STUDIOS - These are the stories of SwearNet Studios. Its ongoing mission: to create an all-swearing network, to bring joy and laughter to all civilizations, to boldly go where no fucking network has gone before!
  • THE ROACH APPROACH - Pat Roach and his sidekick Mr. Smith go LIVE to teach you Pat’s hilarious approach to sailing through the liquor-soaked shitstorm of life!
  • TERRY IS FUBAR: Give’r with legendary Canadian hoser Terry Cahill, as he brings his unique and fucked-up adventures to SwearNet. AWOOOO!
  • THE PUPPETRY FUCKETRY IMPROV HOUR - You’ve never seen a puppet show like it! Robb, JP and Mike get high, and do battle with the help of some felt friends…
  • TPB: LIVE AT RED ROCKS - The feature-length special of the Boys’ live show, featuring the last performance by John Dunsworth as the greatest trailer park supervisor of them all, Jim Lahey
  • MAILBAG - Our amazing fans send in fucked mystery gifts, and the Boys open them on camera!
  • SWEARNET NEWS - From our studio to your fucking living room, this is SwearNet News
  • GETTIN’ LEARNT WITH RICKY - Join Ricky in the tool shop for handy tips, awesome life hacks, and other shit to get learnt by
  • LIQUOR STORIES WITH JAMES LAHEY - Where every drop of liquor tells a different story

Check out the full show lineup at swearnet.com/shows

I wanna subscribe to SwearNet, but I live far from Sunnyvale!

You can subscribe and watch SwearNet from anywhere in the world! If your country’s currency isn’t listed in our payments page, no fucking problem - just select either CAD or USD, and your credit card provider will do the $ conversion for you.

I fuckin’ love TPB, but is there any content on SwearNet from other comedians and content creators?

There’s a fuck-ton of content from beyond Sunnyvale! We’ve got big laughs from FUBAR’s Terry Cahill and Cape Breton gals Tracy & Martina, feature-length wrestling fun from Turnbuckles, and entertaining documentaries on cannabis and psychedelics, amateur boxing and more… we’ve got something for every fucker! We’ve even given Pat Roach his own show – the all-live and totally FUCKED Roach Approach!

How do I sign up?

It’s basically peach and cake. Sign up for a free account (either right the fuck here at SwearNet.com, or after downloading the app) then:

SwearNet.com: Sign in and click PAYMENTS in the upper left corner. Click the “Purchase a SwearNet Membership” button. Click the payment option you want, and enter your card/PayPal details. Welcome aboard, fucker!

App: Tap ‘Settings’ in the lower navigation, and then SIGN IN and then tap any of the episodes from the home screen. A popup should offer a PURCHASE button, which will offer pricing options for your particular country’s store: Google Play on Android or Apple iTunes on iOS devices. Told ya it was easy!

Did something get fucked up? If so, contact Technical Support

I’ve got a SwearNet coupon, how to I redeem it?

Coupons can only be redeemed on the website at this time:

  • Make sure you’re logged into the site (if you’re not already a member, sign up for a free account first!)
  • Visit the Coupons page
  • Enter your coupon code
  • Click the ‘Redeem my Coupon’ button
  • If the coupon code is valid, you’ll instantly get credit! If you’re already a paid member, the coupon will be added to your membership (i.e. if you’ve paid for one year, a ‘free month’ code will give you one extra month of access after your paid membership has ended)

If you have any problems, please contact Technical Support

How can I watch SwearNet?

You can watch all video content on SwearNet.com and the SwearNet app – one subscription covers it all. The apps is capable of AirPlay and Chromecast to your TV if your TV supports them. Currently, we don’t have a Roku, Apple TV, Samsung TV or Fire TV app yet, but we’re working on it.

Some guy down at the Legion told me there’s a Trailer Park Boys Podcast? Is he fucked?

Your buddy might be fucked, but he’s right! The Boys have had two long-running, award-winning podcasts. The Trailer Park Boys Podcast ran from 2015-2019 – watch all 189 episodes HERE. Then Ricky moved into a new trailer and the Boys launched Park After Dark – tune into a new episode every Friday!

You can also listen to the podcasts on iTunes, Spotify and all decent podcast apps.

I wanna send a greasy package for the Boys to open on Mailbag. What’s your address?

Attn: Mailbag
Swearnet.com Incorporated
PO Box 38072 Burnside
Dartmouth NS 
B3B 1X2


  • If sending from outside of Canada, please mark it as ‘GIFT’ because we won’t be fucking paying the import duty and taxes!
  • Please DO NOT send perishable goods. Packages take many weeks in transit and could sit for many more weeks before being opened on the show. If your parcel contains food or drink, please indicate it on the package - we don’t want dirty fuckin’ garbage juice all over the studio, it gives the kitties the shits.
  • We receive a shit-ton of goodies for Mailbag so please be patient if you send something in. We WILL get to your parcel!

Where can I watch SwearNet: The Movie?

It’s the comedy movie that started it all, and holds the Guinness Book of Records for the most sweary movie in history! SwearNet: The Movie is available on Netflix and DVD in many regions, and you can also stream from SwearNet.com and in the app.

Website: Purchase at the SwearNet Digital Store

App: Tap the Store icon, then tap PURCHASE SEASONS & SHOWS

Where can I watch Trailer Park Boys seasons and movies?

Trailer Park Boys Seasons 1-12, both TPB Animated Seasons, the Christmas special, several live tour specials and the TPB movies are available on Netflix in most regions. DVDs are available for many seasons, but we don’t fucking make them so don’t ask us! Maybe try CT Convenients store.

You can purchase Trailer Park Boys Seasons 1 through 12, the TPB Animated Series and most TPB movies and specials in the SwearNet Digital Store.

What the fuck is a SwearNet Founding Fucker? Am I one, or can I become one?

The Founding Fucker program was special deal available to subscribers until April 2013 - unfortunately that time has passed and it’s water under the fridge. BUT fortunately for you, we love all SwearNet members equally! With the current membership offerings at SwearNet you still get access to ALL content, special features, and whatever other shit is happening!

2. SwearNet Subscription Technical Help

How do I check my membership status?

Website: Sign in and click the PAYMENTS button in the upper left corner. Your membership status, website auto payment status and payment history will be shown.

App: Sign in and tap Settings in the lower navigation. The Settings screen will display your Membership details, including your expiry date.

How do I view my purchase history?

Website: Sign in and click PAYMENTS in the upper left corner of the website. Look under Order History for a chronological listing of all payments, including payments successfully registered from the app via Restore Purchases, Membership and Digital Store purchases.

App: For purchases made in the app to Google Play Store and Apple iTunes, you will receive a payment receipt for each payment. In addition, you can access a history of your in app payments online.

Google Play: Refer to View your order history

Apple iTunes: Refer to See your purchase history on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

I have a PayPal subscription (automatic payment) that I want to check or update. How do I do that?

Both the Website and the App accept PayPal, so there are a few ways:

If you paid PayPal on the Website:

  • Sign into Swearnet.com and click PAYMENTS in the upper left corner of the website.
  • Automatic Payments that you have made will be displayed, including Automatic Payments to PayPal.
  • To the right should be a red button labelled “Edit: View or Cancel”. Click that, (if asked, sign into PayPal) and you should be taken to a page on PayPal that shows you subscription.

If you paid in app through Google or Apple:

Google Play: Refer to View your order history

Apple iTunes: Refer to See your purchase history on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

You should also be able to cancel directly on PayPal:

  • Sign into PayPal
  • If see “Recent Activity” on the right side of the screen:
    • Click “Recent Activity”
    • Locate either SwearNet Incorporated, Apple iTunes or Google Play and click it to view your subscription details.
  • If you see the My Accounts tab, then:
    • Select the My Account tab, and click on Profile
    • On the My Profile page, click on My Money > My Pre-approved Payments > Update
    • On the My Pre-approved Payments page, look for the merchant, either SwearNet Incorporated, Apple iTunes or Google Play and click to view your subscription details.

I’ve paid, but you’re saying I need to make a purchase or that my account has expired! How do I contact you?

App: Sign in then tap “Contact Technical Support” near the bottom of the Settings screen. Website: Sign in then click “HELP”. “Contact Technical Support” is the first link on that page.

Fill out the form with as much information as possible such as how you’ve paid, confirmation and order IDs ans do on.

I haven’t received a fucking confirmation email?!

Confirmation email will be sent depending on where you paid and what payment type was used:


  • Make sure you are signing in with the same email or Facebook account you used when you made the payment! Check you haven’t made a typo in your email, or used a different email address (it happens… way she goes). If you received a payment receipt from SwearNet, sign in with the same email address the payment receipt was emailed to.
  • You’ll only get a confirmation emails for successfully completed payments. Did your purchase fully complete? On the website, click PAYMENTS to verify the status of your purchase. Purchases marked ‘Pending’ or ‘Incomplete’ are still being processed. A status of ‘Failed’ means the card issuer rejected the payment (could be anything from insufficient finds to bad expiry date).
  • If your status is ‘Complete’, use the ‘Email receipt’ button (on the far right) and follow the prompt.
  • Check your spam/junk folder to make sure the confirmation email isn’t ending up there. We’re not calling you fucking dumb but this sometimes is all that’s wrong. The confirmation email has a subject of ‘Receipt for purchase from SwearNet’ and the sender is [email protected].
  • If you paid by PayPal, did you receive a confirmation email from PayPal? Contact Technical Support with your Order ID and your issue: e.g. “my PayPal Order # 1234567 has not registered on Swearnet.com”.


  • Google or Apple send confirmation emails for all purchases and subscription payments. Please check for emails from them, including your junk/spam folders.
  • If you have payment confirmation from either Apple or Google but no access in the app, you’ll need to use Restore Purchases to register those with the Swearnet.com backend. Note: We no longer send payment confirmation receipts from Swearnet.com when Restore Purchases is used, it was causing confusion.

If you’ve tried all the suggestions above and you’re still having problems, Contact Technical Support and the customer support team will help you out.

I have been billed twice according to my credit card statement.

Some dawg double-dipped yo scrilla? That shit ain’t tight. It could be due to a number of reasons, including Google, Apple or SwearNet.com’s own payment system that has billed you twice.

  • If you’re registered on SwearNet.com, click PAYMENTS for a detailed history of your purchases.

  • If you need to contact us, please include your duplicate receipt confirmation IDs, banking information and we’ll manually verify your payments and arrange a refund of the extra charge.

Why can’t I comment on the videos?

Comments are only available in the paid area of SwearNet. So sign the fuck up!

I’m living in my car, I’ve got no money for pepperoni, and I need to cancel. How do I do that? Aw fuck, we’re sorry to see you go! Please check your receipt(s) and follow the instructions below, depending on which payment service you subscribed with:

Google Play: Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on Google Play

Apple iTunes: How to cancel a subscription from Apple

Website: Sign in and click PAYMENTS in the upper left corner of the website. You should see your payment subscription under Automatic Payments. Please note that active subscriptions to Google or Apple will NOT be listed here - refer to the links above to cancel those.

PayPal: Visit PayPal’s My Account Recent Activity page to locate your automatic payments. Click on SwearNet.com Incorporated or Google Play or Apple iTunes, then the corresponding ‘Manage Automatic Payments’ link. You should now be able to cancel any PayPal automatic payment subscriptions you have.

I asked for technical support, but my problem STILL isn’t fixed yet!! WHAT IN THE FUCK?!

Calm the fuck down Donnie, your problem is being dealt with! When you fill out the help form, a support ticket is automatically created and sent to our support team, and a lot of behind-the-scenes technical fuckery goes on. We will keep you updated, and contact you if we need any more information. Rest assured, we are ON IT!

3. Random Trailer Park Boys Questions

Will there be a new season of Trailer Park Boys, or more TPB movies and specials?

We don’t wanna spill the bees but…. Watch this space, fucker!

You can watch the Live At Red Rocks special, which includes the final appearance by our beloved John Dunsworth aka Jim Lahey, exclusively at SwearNet.

Where can I find and follow SwearNet on social media?

Where can I find and follow Trailer Park Boys on social media?

Sign up to our weekly SwearNews email for all the latest info and gossip – we come right into your inbox every Friday!

(Anyone else claiming to be an official TPB/SwearNet account is probably just Conky fucking with you)

I got some $crilla and wanna buy Trailer Park Boys merchandise!

You can buy Trailer Park Boys merch at the official TPB Store. You’ll find everything from official t-shirts, hoodies and hockey jerseys, to smoking gear, gifts and greasy décor for your own trailer.

We also have our own licenced range of Trailer Park Boys apparel, socks, underwear, jackets, puzzles, stickers, comic books, hot sauce and more! Check out our official partners HERE for more dope shit – awesome NEW stuff coming soon!

When will the Trailer Park Boys be on tour or appearing live?

Check out rickyjulianbubbles.com and our social media accounts for tour and fan convention info, and sign up to our weekly SwearNews email for all the latest news!

Is there a Trailer Park Boys mobile game?

Get greasy on the go and download the Trailer Park Boys: Grea$y Money mobile game! The game is available for iOS and Android.

I have a question/comment/problem not mentioned here. How do I get in touch?

If you really need to know something that isn’t here, Contact Technical Support and we will try to answer it ASAP, depending on how much other fuckery we are dealing with.

In the app: Contact Technical Support using the link at the bottom on the Settings page.

On the web: Use the Contact Technical Support Form for payment or other technical issues not covered below.

Please don’t contact Technical Support to send questions to the Boys, ask about tours or problems with merch orders, or stoned random shit! Follow our social media accounts for all the latest gossip, and of course stay tuned to SWEARNET!