Payment/Technical Questions

I want to upgrade my goddamn membership. Where do I go to upgrade the fucking thing, and what payments do you accept?

All purchases are made through the product page. We accept PayPal, most Credit and Debit cards, as well as Bitcoin.

I previously paid for a membership, how do I check the fucking thing?

Members can check their payment history on their order history page. You should have also received a “Receipt for purchase from SwearNet” confirmation email. If you would like this email resent, use the "Resend confirmation email" link on the order history page.

I have a PayPal subscription (automatic payment) that I need to see. How do I do that?

PayPal subscription payments are best checked using the 'View, modify or cancel your automatic payments' link on the order history page. That link will take you right to your subscription, if you're succesfully logged into PayPal.

If PayPal can't find your payment, you have the option of performing the following:

  • Log into PayPal
  • Select the 'My Account' tab, and click on 'Profile'
  • On the 'My Profile' page, click on 'My Money > My preapproved payments > Update'
  • On the 'My preapproved payments' page, look for the merchant 'Swear Net Inc.' and click to view your subscription details.

I signed up for a paid account and entered my credit card information, but something got cocked and I haven’t received a fucking confirmation email?!

  • Please make sure you are signing in with same email or facebook account that you used when you made the payment. We've found that some members have made typos or have used a secondary email address. If you require further assistance, you can contact support and we'll try to correct your problem.
  • Are you sure you completed your purchase fully and correctly? You can visit the billing info page to verify the status of your purchase. Any purchases marked pending/incomplete are still being processed. You won't get a confirmation email until after your payment is fully processed.
  • If you would like your confirmation resent, use the "Resend confirmation email" link (column on the far right) on your order history page and follow the instructions.
  • Check your junk folder to make sure the email isn’t in there. We’re not calling you fucking dumb but this sometimes is all that’s wrong. The confirmation email has a subject of “Receipt for purchase from SwearNet” from theboys@swearnet.com.
  • Lastly, if you've tried all the suggestions above and you're still having problems, go Get Some Fucking Help and tell us about your issue. Our customer support team will be contacted and help you out.

Why haven’t you Skyped me yet? I’m a Founding Fucker!

We have to call hundreds of Founder Fuckers, and we are doing as many as we can each week in between developing new content, touring, and shooting the new season of Trailer Park Boys Season 8. But we will definitely get to you eventually. If you haven’t given us your Skype name yet, please send the fucking thing to theboys@swearnet.com asap.

It says my account has expired on SwearNet, but I’m a Founding Fucker! What in the fuck?

You'll retain your Founding Fucker status for as long as you're an active member. To renew your membership, visit the the product page and pick the relevant product. If you have any questions, you can contact support with the relevant details and we should be able to fix you up!

I have been billed twice for premium access according to my credit card statement (or PayPal or Bitcoin). I think I hit something twice when making the payment and fucked it up. Can you help?

Of course we can! You should visit the billing info page for the details of your purchases. Please include your duplicate receipt confirmation IDs when you go Get Some Fucking Help. We'll verify your payments and arrange a refund of the extra charge. And next time try not to hit the fucking thing twice. Again, not calling you dumb but, fuck.

I’ve been fired from my job, I’m living in a car, and have no fucking scrilla. How do I cancel my SwearNet account?

OK, we understand that sometimes life gets fucky. If you really have to leave us, please Get Some Fucking Help and we’ll sort you out. We’re gonna fucking miss you though!

I asked for Some Fucking Help, but my problem STILL isn’t fixed yet!! WHAT IN THE FUCK?!

First of all, calm the fuck down, your problem is being dealt with! When you fill out the help form, a support ticket is automatically created and sent to our support team, and a lot of behind-the-scenes technical fuckery goes on. We will keep you updated, and contact you if we need any more information. Rest assured, we are fucking ON IT!

How do I redeem a SwearNet Coupon?

It's really fucking simple:

  • Visit the coupons page
  • Type in your coupon code and click the 'Redeem my coupon' button
  • Your coupon will be redeemed

If you're having problems, you can contact the technical support desk,

I’ve filmed something SwearNet fans will fucking love! How do I upload my video?

A full user upload section is in the works and coming soon! Keep shooting shit to have in the can for when we’re ready for fuck sakes!

Do you have a SwearNet app for mobile?

Not yet, but we have one in the works that is going to allow you guys, the Swearnet army, to do live reports for Swearnet from anywhere in the world as well as a bunch of other cool features. It’s gonna be fucking badass!

Where can I get SwearNet merchandise?

Merchandise is coming soon! Pat got that all fucked up.

Why isn’t there more content on SwearNet?!

SwearNet is still in its infancy, in fact it wasn’t even supposed to go live until the movie comes out. So you guys are actually privy to it while it’s being built which is pretty fucking cool. BUT there is going to be a SHITLOAD of exclusive new original content, TV shows, movies, and more, not available anywhere else in the fucking UNIVERSE. We’re adding new content nearly every day, so keep checking in!

Why can’t I comment on the free videos?

Comments are only available in the paid area of SwearNet. So sign the fuck up!

How can I become a Founding Fucker?

The Founding Fucker program was an elite status only available for a limited time and unfortunately that time has passed. BUT fortunately for you, we love all SwearNet members equally! With the current membership offerings at www.swearnet.com you still get access to ALL the fucking content, contests, special features, and whatever other shit is happening with us on a daily basis. The SwearNet Army that is amassing already has a real community vibe, and we’d like you to be a fucking part of it. So get the fuck on board!!

General Questions

When is SwearNet: The Movie coming out?

SwearNet: The Movie will be released to Canadian theatres starting August 29th, 2014. You should visit SwearNet The Movie for more information.

When is the TPB 3 movie coming out?

This was released to Canadian Theatres on April 18th, 2014.

When will the boys be coming to my town?

The boys try to take their live tour to as many cities as possible – check out their Facebook page at facebook.com/trailerparkboys and facebook.com/rickyjulianbubbles for the latest tour and ticket sale information.

Do you have a Twitter account or Facebook page?

Fuck yeah! Follow us at twitter.com/SWEARNET and “like” us at facebook.com/swearnet .



Trailer Park Boys on Vine


You can also follow the boys individually at:

Mike: FB - facebook.com/mikesmithbubbles Twitter - @msmithbubbles

Robb: Twitter - @realrobbwells

Pat: Twitter - @patroachrandy

JP: has nothing because he lives in 1992

You can also catch us on our official Trailer Park Boys page at facebook.com/trailerparkboys

We’ll also be posting news, photos, and other cool shit there.

I want to send you something for your Mailbag feature. What’s your address?

Attn: Mailbag
Swearnet.com Incorporated
PO Box 38072 Burnside
Dartmouth NS B3B 1X2

Who does the music for your videos?

The original music we’ve used so far on the site and in the movie came out of some sessions with musician friends where we got all fucked up and jammed. Mike Smith played some guitar on the sessions along with ‘Trailer Park Boys theme’ composer Blain Morris, Nightingale Cummings belted out some vocals and some Canadian legends like Michael Fonfara and Prekash John played on some shit too.

How do I get a job with SwearNet?

Our goal is to be ever expanding until we can grow this fucking thing into a real network on the TV, so if you think you could contribute something to Swearnet, send us a resume or a video explaining what it is you do and how in the fuck you’re going to help us. DISCLAIMER: People who don’t give a fuck about getting paid receive priority treatment.

How do I pitch ideas for shows?

We are setting up a conduit as we speak to take serious pitches from aspiring swearists. Stay tuned for more on this!

How do I get my band on SwearNet Records?

We are currently in the process of establishing Swearnet Records but once it’s up we would love to hear your shit!

I have a question/comment/problem not mentioned here. How do I get in touch?

We will keep adding to this FAQ as fucking FAQ’s get FA’ed but in the meantime if you really need to know something that isn’t here you can submit your question using the Get Some Fucking Help page and we will try to answer it asap depending on how much other fuckery we are dealing with.

Thanks fuckers!

The Boys