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SWEARNET.COM is the streaming comedy network from the stars of Trailer Park Boys! For only $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year, get exclusive access to hilarious new weekly content, plus hundreds of hours of videos straight from Sunnyvale Trailer Park and the SwearNet studios. Download the SwearNet app from the App Store and Google Play and stream SwearNet wherever and whenever the fuck you want!

  • PARK AFTER DARK - Join Ricky, Julian and Bubbles in the trailer every Friday for 30 fucked minutes of baked chat, gossip and laughter
  • SWEARNET STUDIOS - These are the stories of SwearNet Studios. Its ongoing mission: to create an all-swearing network, to bring joy and laughter to all civilizations, to boldly go where no fucking network has gone before!
  • THE ROACH APPROACH - Pat Roach and his sidekick Mr. Smith go LIVE to teach you Pat’s hilarious approach to sailing through the liquor-soaked shitstorm of life!
  • TNT FUBAR: Give'r with legendary Canadian hoser Terry Cahill, as he brings his unique and fucked-up adventures to SwearNet. AWOOOO!
  • THE PUPPETRY FUCKETRY IMPROV HOUR - You've never seen a puppet show like it! Robb, JP and Mike get high, and do battle with the help of some felt friends...
  • TPB: LIVE AT RED ROCKS - The feature-length special of the Boys' live show, featuring the last performance by John Dunsworth as the greatest trailer park supervisor of them all, Jim Lahey
  • MAILBAG - Our amazing fans send in fucked mystery gifts, and the Boys open them on camera!
  • SWEARNET NEWS - From our studio to your fucking living room, this is SwearNet News.
  • GETTIN’ LEARNT WITH RICKY - Join Ricky in the tool shop for handy tips, awesome life hacks, and other shit to get learnt by.
  • LIQUOR STORIES WITH JAMES LAHEY - Where every drop of liquor tells a different story.

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A subscription is only $1.99 or $19.99 USD a year! Fuck me, that’s a bargain for all this DECENT content. One subscription gives you access to SwearNet content on both the website and the SwearNet app. We accept most credit/debit cards from around the world, and PayPal too!

It’s so easy to sign up, it’s basically peach and cake! Sign up for a free account (either right the fuck here at SwearNet.com, or after downloading the app) then:

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App: Tap ‘Settings’ in the lower navigation, and then SIGN IN and then tap any of the episodes from the home screen. A popup should offer a PURCHASE button, which will offer pricing options for your particular country’s store: Google Play on Android or Apple iTunes on iOS devices. Told ya it was easy!

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Bless my fuck, you’re in for a treat! You get access to hundreds of hours of exclusive content, with fresh new videos released every week. We’ve got Trailer Park Boys specials, original content from awesome comedians such as FUBAR’s Terry Cahill, plus shows from some of your favourite TPB alumni! Watch the fuck out, we also take it LIVE with hilarious livestreams where anything can and will fucking happen. You also get access to insider updates and gossip, and random fuckery from the Boys! Access all content at any time via the web or the SwearNet app, available for Android and iPhone. Holy, fuck, that’s a lot of good shit!