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Sweet Science - Season 2 - Episode 1 - A New Beginning

A new group of men arrive at Citadel Boxing with the desire to learn how to box. Wayne hopes the new group of men are easier to coach this time around, however, his hopes are quickly crushed.

Sweet Science - Season 2 - Sweet Science Season 2 - Coming June 5!

Meet the new intake of trainee boxers at Citadel Boxing. They have the passion - do they have they have the punch? Season Two of the ground-breaking documentary series takes an unadulterated, uncensored, and dramatic look into what it takes to become a true fighter, both inside and outside the ring.

Park After Dark - Season 6 - Episode 1 - The Silence Of The Bubbles

What the fuck is up with Bubbles? Murder? Cyborg transformation? Or is he just fucked up on gummies? The Boys also plot a weed planting rampage, get learnt about quasars, and do WHAT with a dirty old applesauce log?!?

King & Pawn - Season 1 - Episode 1 - What The Frack

After being left his estranged father's pawnshop, Rhett McManus is met head-on by chaos and thrown into the midst of a decades-old rivalry against competitor Maggie Rollins. A need for quick cash takes a special scheme to solve.

King & Pawn - Season 1 - King & Pawn - Coming to SwearNet May 21!

A clueless burnout inherits his father’s failing and seedy pawnshop. Can he take command over a staff of misfit employees and turn the shop around, before it’s forced to close forever? Welcome to King & Pawn!

Get Pucked - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Dave Fucked Up

Dave, the owner of the Springhill Coal Miners, faces financial ruin if he can't convince his friend, Tieren, help with the brand-new hockey franchise.

Mailbag - Season 4 - Episode 1 - Back in the T-Bag

This week: The Boys receive a shit covered doily, some shit diapers, and one omega cock for sharing...and find out whose balls JP's been cradling!

Social Shorts - Season 4 - Social Roundup - January 2024

Holy frig what year is it? Boys are here with Randingo, Matty and Snoop drop in, and we got Break Time, Tracy and Martina, Cheap Smokes, and Terry from FUBAR in a new year of Social Shorts!

Get Pucked - Season 1 - Get Pucked - Coming Soon To SwearNet

Coming to SwearNet March 20! Get Pucked captures the real, gritty drama happening behind the scenes of men’s Senior A Hockey by following the players, coaches and staff of the Springhill Coal Miners. Through wins, loses, fights and friendships – the men are hellbent to reclaim glory one bloody, bare knuckle one period at a time.

Contests, News & Announcements - News & Announcements - Trailer Park Boys New Year's Message 2024

HAP-HAP-HAPPY 2024 from everyone at Sunnyvale Trailer Park... Let's have a DECENT one! 🥃 🎉 🥃

Would You Rather? - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Goats And Scrotes

Would You Rather go down in history for going down on a goat? Get some serious manscaping by shredder or seagull? Laura D asks the tough, fucked questions to comedians Justin Littlechild and Jeff Paul!

Vandits - The Movie - Vandits - Coming to SwearNet December 23!

We've got a special holiday treat for ya - the hilarious VANDITS movie streams on SwearNet from Saturday, December 23! A gang of small time crooks, self-proclaimed THE VANDITS, look to make a big score when they embark on a ridiculous heist to rob a bingo hall on Christmas Eve. Featuring a cast of awesome Canadian talent, including Tony Nappo, Enrico Colantoni, Jann Arden, and our very own Robb Wells!

Would You Rather? - Season 1 - Would You Rather? Coming December 21!

UNLEASHED TO SWEARNET DECEMBER 21! For the first time in SwearNet history, the fans are the stars! SwearNet’s Sweetheart, Laura D, plays “Would You Rather?", the fucked-up version. Sit back, relax, and don’t get too high as she asks fans, comedians, and TPB cast the most fucked-up questions she wrote while she was REALLY fucking high.

Break Time - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Garth Steals Mike's Girl

Stealing broads at the Country Night is low, bro

Tracy and Martina: Shootin the Shit - Season 2 - Episode 1 - Hoola Hoopin For The Aliens

Hi hunny, this is Martina! In this episode we're talking all about Tracy's dreams after she started doin melatonins, I share a phone call I got from my legit insane sister, Bev... Tracy goes on about staying overnight at the wildlife park, and SO much more... So come listen to the going ons!

Curse of the Reefer Beast - Season 1 - Curse of the Reefer Beast - Coming to SwearNet June 20!

Unleashed to SwearNet June 20! When a group of twenty-somethings venture to their friends’ remote cabin, they’ll have to fight for their lives against the wrath of an anthropomorphic creature, that appears to be as much weed plant as it is man... THE CURSE OF THE REEFER BEAST!

Park After Dark - Season 5 - Episode 1 - Boys vs. Wild

Attention Bear Grylls: The Boys have a wilderness challenge for you - and yep, it's fucked! They discuss Bubbles' treasure-hunting obsession, why orcas are dicks, and starting the Fucked-Up Animal Company. Plus: If you didn't want Ricky to steal your boat, ya shouldn't have left the fuckin' keys in it!

BullSh!t - Season 1 - Episode 1 - The Dollar Bill

Troy and Chuck have differences as they put together their first Pro Wrestling Event, post-pandemic.

Randy's Reach - Season 1 - Episode 1 - A Crappy Thing Made Beautiful

Imagine yourself eating delicious onion rings and apple pie, listening to the smooth sounds of Liberace... Randy's Reach will be open for business soon! But first, it needs some serious friggin' renovations!

Randy's Reach - Season 1 - Trailer: Randy's Reach!

Coming on March 9th, 2023: Randy has a new trailer in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park and he’s looking to turn it into Sunnyvale's first diner. With the “help” of Julian, he’ll renovate the trailer and turn it into the burger factory that he’s always dreamed of. Come on down to Randy's Reach!

BullSh!t - Season 1 - Trailer: BullSh!t

Bullsh!t is a documentary series following a group of people involved in the independent professional wrestling business. Wrestling promoter Chuck, and his matchmaker/booker Troy, work together - and at times against each other - to stage and promote the first big live wrestling event in the Maritimes since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Cameras follow Troy and Chuck, documenting the behind-the-scenes process of putting together a professional wrestling show from start to finish... and all the Bullsh!t that takes place in between.

TRAILER PARK BOYS: The SwearNet Show - Season 7 - Trailer Park Boys: The SwearNet Show - Season 7 Episode 1

Ricky makes the boys a sandwich, Randy stops by to remember some good times with Mr. Lahey, and Julian gives some fans some helpful advice.

Social Shorts - Season 3 - Social Roundup - Jan 2023

Happy New Shityear you recidivists, here's the last month in social shorts -- and guess who's goin' to Portland, Oregon!

TRAILER PARK BOYS: The SwearNet Show - Season 6 - Trailer Park Boys: The SwearNet Show - Season 6 Episode 1

Ricky realizes he has been writing with the wrong hand his entire life, Randy stops by to remember Mr. Lahey, and there's a special holiday edition of Liquor Stories.

TRAILER PARK BOYS: The SwearNet Show - Season 5 - Trailer Park Boys: The SwearNet Show - Season 5 Episode 1

Ricky talks about the 10 deadliest animals in the world, Randy takes Don for lunch to the King, and the Boys take a trip to the aquarium!

Unreasonable Rob - Season 1 - Audition

We pulled off the biggest troll move ever. Pat Stay convinced Nathan, the guy in the video, that he had to audition for his role as a requirement from Swearnet. If you're unfamiliar with the show Unreasonable Rob, it's a comedy series that Nathan has played a role in the entire time. He plays Brett, the main character, arguably the most important person in the show. So convincing him that he had to audition was suspicious enough. Somehow he fell for it all though, Pat strategically planned out the whole thing step by step and it was executed brilliantly.

Tracy and Martina: Dirty Deeds - Season 2 - Episode 1 - Claxton's Christening Pt 1

Ya hi it’s Martina... K so this episode just goes to show you how fucked up things can get when you have a family filled with lunatics. Especially when your shitty older sister claims she's holier than you!

Tracy and Martina: Shootin the Shit - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 1 - Coffee Chains And Crosswalks

Hi sexies, It's Tracy hun! In this episode we're talkin about... How gettin hit in a crosswalk is actually a blessing in disguise, Canadian coffee chains and how Ma's new woman is actually taming her wild streak.

TRAILER PARK BOYS: The SwearNet Show - Season 4 - Trailer Park Boys: The SwearNet Show - Season 4 Episode 1

Ricky makes a 3 foot sub sandwich, Lahey has more liquor dreams, and Lahey needs a favour from Bubbles in jail.

TRAILER PARK BOYS: The SwearNet Show - Season 3 - Trailer Park Boys: The SwearNet Show - Season 3 Episode 2

The boys make mac and cheese, Julian answers some fan questions, and Bubbles plays space with Chris Hadfield.

Puppetry Fucketry Improv Hour - Season 2 - Episode 1 - Fumble In The Jungle

The Boys and their fucked, fuzzy misfits are BACK for Season 2... and everyone's higher than ever! In Round 1: Will our hand puppet heroes make it out the jungle with their holes intact?

TNT FUBAR - Season 1 - Episode 1: Pork 'n Hash

Trish demands an amicable divorce.

TRAILER PARK BOYS: The SwearNet Show - Season 2 - Trailer Park Boys: The SwearNet Show - Season 2 Episode 1

The Boys talk about the best gifts you can be given, Bubbles gives a tour of his shed, and more space with Bubbles and Chris Hadfield.

TRAILER PARK BOYS: The SwearNet Show - Season 1 - Trailer Park Boys: The SwearNet Show - Season 1 Episode 1

Trailer Park Cats steal groceries, Mr. Lahey talks about the merits of vodka, and Ricky teaches homeowners how to get rid of a pesky ant problem.

TNT FUBAR - Season 1 - TNT FUBAR: Trailer

COMING SOON EXCLUSIVELY TO SWEARNET!! Terry and Trish want to regain custody of their son Deano so they can afford to get divorced. Terry tries to become a professional manager for Calgary’s wrestling royalty the Harts, Shank’s swindles them to pay for his reno, Trish gets deep into a pyramid scheme and everyone learns home is where the hash is! Let’s get fucked up and fucken giver already!

Terry is FUBAR - FUBAR Sessions - Episode 1 - Age Of Covid: Corn Teen Funkin Blow

Lazer stops by with some beers and the boys get to prankin’ Shank, but Terry’s got a secret.

Turnbuckles - Season 1 - Teaser Trailer

New feature, coming to SwearNet on August 9th: Turnbuckles!

Park After Dark - Season 4 - Episode 1 - Live As Fuck In Orlando

Orlando, give it up for Ricky, Julian and Bubbles! The Boys go live for an epic one-hour podcast, with dancing, singing, liquor shots and sexual lumberjacks bearing Big Macs! There's also an appearance from a special guest... FUCKFACE!

SwearNet Studios - Season 1 - Episode 1 – Where No Fucking Network Has Gone Before

The Internet: the fucked-up frontier. These are the stories of SwearNet Studios, its ongoing mission to create an all-swearing network to bring joy and laughter to all civilizations. Strap in, this rides’s about to get bumpy as FUCK!

Contests, News & Announcements - News & Announcements - SwearNet Studios - Coming 4/20

At SwearNet Studios, all the employees are drunk and high. But their bosses are more fucked! This 4/20, watch the new SwearNet Studios series, ONLY at SwearNet.com and the TPB/SwearNet app!

Sweet Science - Season 1 - Episode 1

Wayne and Tyson meet a group of men who aspire to become boxers. The orientation proves to be too much for one man as he drops out before the training even begins. Meanwhile, Wayne’s wife, Stephanie, voices her concerns about Tyson’s involvement in the show.

Trailer Park Cats - Season 3 - Episode 1 - Shit Hawks

Bubbles is in trouble - his shit-shack is falling to pieces, the shit hawks are circling... and worst of all, he's got a drunk trailer park supervisor on his case!

Mailbag - Season 3 - Episode 1 - Bag Avalanche!

It's the first Mailbag of 2022, and the Boys are catching up on their Chrisxmas gifts! Fuck the new year's diet - there are Newfie treats, pretzels and jerky! Plus: The Boys spill the beans on new TPB shit...

Social Shorts - Season 2 - Social Roundup - 3 Jan 2022

Closing out 2021 with cats, crafts, cards, cucarachas, and copters, it's 2022's first roundup of SwearNet and Trailer Park Boys social shorts!

Trailer Park Cats - Season 2 - Episode 1 - Patrick Swayze And Reveen

He's the man they call... REVEEN! And he's pretty fuckin' pissed about it. Welcome to a new season of Trailer Park Cats!

Tracy and Martina: Dirty Deeds - Season 1 - Episode 1 - ANNE GETS CONNED

Tracy here and I’m roarin at this! So, Martina’s cranky old hag mother Anne is right lonely and apparently horny as hell! So, Anne signed up on a datin app. It’s a terrible though cause all she wanted was to get her rocks off… She did end up gettin fucked tho, but not in a good way… sin.

Contests, News & Announcements - News & Announcements - Trailer - Tracy & Martina: Dirty Deeds

Coming soon to SwearNet: Cape Breton comedy duo Tracy and Martina's new show, Dirty Deeds!

Guy Times Podcast - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Trivia Killed The Radio Star

Josh Prior (of Greenmount fame) invites his two buddies for a trivia/drinking game on the first episode of GUY TIMES! It's a battle of wits and liquor shots - grab a bottle and play the fuck along!

Contests, News & Announcements - News & Announcements - Marguerite McNeil - Queen of Sunnyvale

Remembering our dear Marguerite McNeil, who has sadly passed away. Your Sunnyvale family will miss you so much! Pour a drink, grab some (crispy) bacon and enjoy some of Marguerite's best moments...

The Roach Approach - Season 2 - LIVE BROADCAST Sep 27, 2021

You wanted more Roach Approach? Well then get yer cunts in gear, because here's Pat and Mike and a shitload of dumplings and chocolate milk: The Roach is fucking back, baby! Pat even put on a tie! From the LIVE broadcast on Monday, September 27th, 2021.

Social Shorts - Season 1 - Social Roundup 23 Aug 2021

Trying something new: a roundup of social videos from the past week, in case you missed anything! Vintage flashbacks, fresh new shit from the Boys, random SwearNet fuckery, mixed up and stirred and shaken for your enjoyment. Do a wraparound and pour 'er into ya: the past week in TPB/SwearNet Social.

Park After Dark - Season 3 - Episode 1 - Can't Get You Out Of My Head

Welcome to Season 3 of Park After Dark - fuck, it only seems like last week we finished Season 2! So, just how fucked up are the Boys today? They're talking NFTs, UFOs, high IQs, thousand year old cocks, the secret to living a long fucking life -- plus hydration tricks from Julian! From the LIVE broadcast on May 28th, 2021.

Park After Dark - Season 2 - Episode 45 - April Fools' Day Fuck Around Burger

Is it War or Peace in Sunnyvale? Ricky and Randy attempt to make friends after their April Fools' Day pranks went to shit! Can Randy win Ricky over with the DIRTIEST burger he's ever made? Also: Forget shit hawks, look out for the Alaskan meat ravens!

Ricky Brown's Upliftment Hour - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Coming To You From The World Wide Web

Ricky Brown is coming right into your homes to deliver the Word of the LORD - with the help of SwearNet, Edith, and some muthafucking awesome potato salad.

Trailer Park Boys Jail Shorts - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Greatest Fucking Day Of The Week

It's Chicken Finger Day in the jail canteen and Ricky's excited as fuck! No-one gets between him and his beloved chicken fingers (the good kind). Or do they?

The Roach Approach - Season 1 - LIVE BROADCAST Feb 8th, 2021

Is shit constantly fucking up on you!? Life got you down!? Then let Pat Roach teach you how to approach life in a whole new way! His way! The Roach Approach!

Trailer Park Boys - On the Road with Trailer Park Boys - The Kittyman

There are sea shanties, and then there are sea shanties about kitties sung by the Trailer Park Boys. THIS is that sea shanty.

Contests, News & Announcements - News & Announcements - Trailer Park Boys New Year's Message 2021

2020 can take a big hydraulic suck on our nuts - get ready for 2021, and something DECENT happening at SwearNet.com on January 1! HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR!!!

Swearnet News - Season 1 - App Update - December 29, 2020

Smith explains how the fuck to use the app, including how to sign up, and how to get your in-app payments to work.

Terry is FUBAR - On the Road with Terry Cahill from FUBAR - Episode 1 - Dog-Fucker

This is Terry. Terry's down on his luck but he's a good guy (apart from his dad being a dog-fucker). But what's he really made of? He sets off across Canada to find out...

Contests, News & Announcements - News & Announcements - Trailer Park Boys Christmas Message 2020

It's been a weird as fuck 2020 - but whatever you're doing, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles want ya to get into the holiday spirit and have an awesome Christmas!

Puppetry Fucketry Improv Hour - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Who The FUCK Are You?

Three high dicks. A bunch of amazing puppets. Some really fucked-up rules. What do ya get? The Puppetry Fucketry Improv Hour! Let's get the fuck going with Round One!

Trailer Park Boys Live at Red Rocks - Tour - Coming Dec 25: Trailer Park Boys Live at Red Rocks

This Christmas Day, gather your friends and family and watch John Dunsworth’s last performance in TPB: Live at Red Rocks. ONLY available at SwearNet.com and the TPB/SwearNet app, launching very soon!

Puppetry Fucketry Improv Hour - Season 1 - Puppetry Fucketry Improv Hour Trailer: T-Rex (Coming SOON)

It’s the Puppetry Fucketry Improv Hour nobody knows what they’ll say; it's the greatest, greasiest, highest puppet show on Earth - and it's COMING SOON TO SWEARNET.COM!!

Terry is FUBAR - On the Road with Terry Cahill from FUBAR - On The Road with Terry Cahill from FUBAR - Trailer

Terry's on an East-bound quest to find himself, and he's gonna give'er every hitchhikin' Pilsner-shotgunnin' step of the fuckin' way. Coming very soon to SwearNet!

State of the Union - Season 2 - December 1, 2020

It's the BIGGEST fucking SOTU ever! With BIG FUCKING NEWS! BIGGGG!! Tune in the fuck NOW and catch up with all the BIG NEWS!!! Also: Fuck off, French Pat

Contests, News & Announcements - News & Announcements - Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series Season 2 - The DECENT Trailer

Your first sneak peek at the new season, coming to Netflix worldwide on Friday May 22!

Swearnet News - Season 1 - April 20, 2020

A special message from Robb, JP and Mike.

Sunnyvale Shoals - Season 2 - Episode 1 - Jordan John

Sunnyvale Shoals is back! Jordan John is here, the future of Canadian R&B and soul, bringing his multi-musical talents to the fore with the Sunnyvale Shoals band. Clear the floor and get ready to do a little bit of dancin’!

Sunnyvale Shoals - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Johnny Reid

In the grand Muscle Shoals musical tradition, SwearNet welcomes you to Sunnyvale Shoals! Our first guest, Johnny Reid, came to Canada as a boy from Scotland, and now calls Nashville his home. He brings us a musical blend evoking the country side of soul - and the soul side of country!

Greenmount - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Intervention

Eddie's got a sticky personal problem, so his concerned buddies stage an intervention. Before they fucking kill him. This episode, free to watch on SwearNet!

Greenmount - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Tolerance Break

When you're too fucked up to get fucked up, you need a tolerance break. And it's a good thing to have a buddy to help you through it.

Park After Dark - Season 1 - Episode 5 - Givin'r With FUBAR

The Boys have a special fucking guest today: Terry from FUBAR has stumbled into the park, in search of his Nova Scotian ancestors! He's also brought some fucked frozen treats from the Prairies - who dares eat one? They also discuss mouth hugs, the Littlest Hobo, and how to cook bolonairs!

Park After Dark - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Monster Cock

A big fucking welcome to Ricky's kitchen! He's rustled up some special sauce and chicken fingers (the good kind) and got a coupla rockers from Monster Truck to jam with Bubbles! The Boys also chat about smoking with Snoop Dogg, why snorting ants is fucked, Finnish saunas and Japanese ass lasers!

Trailer Park Boys - On the Road with Trailer Park Boys - Episode 35 - Matty and Randy Make a Cheeseburger

Top chef Matty Matheson heads to Sunnyvale to cook for the Trailer Park Boys. This week he’s gonna show you how to make the ultimate cheeseburger. Just one problem… his kitchen assistant is RANDY! Matty's new book, 'Matty Matheson: A Cookbook' is out now!

Cannabis - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Smoking Chicks and Cannabutter

Pack a bowl, fuckers – Amy Anonymous is back with a brand new SwearNet show! This week, she reports on this year’s 420 celebrations in Toronto, gets the medical view on cannabis from Dr. Ira Price, chats to her first smoking chick, and shows us a fucking easy way to make cannabutter. Have a question for Amy? Post it in the comments section below!

Cheap Smokes - Season 3 - Episode 1 - Super Fun Fan Comments

Yay, Laura and Kaitlin are BACK! They're pumped as fuck about their new season of Cheap Smokes and excited to read all your amazing comments! Well, your interesting comments. OK, these comments are FUCKED...

Contests, News & Announcements - News & Announcements - Thank You, John Dunsworth

John Dunsworth didn’t just play the world’s greatest trailer park supervisor. His amazing talent, intellect, and humour has inspired countless fans, colleagues, and friends, and we all love and miss this incredible man. Produced by Screen Nova Scotia and edited by Sarah Byrne (who has edited over 30 episodes of Trailer Park Boys), this tribute to John was first screened at the Screen Nova Scotia Awards Gala in May 2018. ACTRA Maritimes has also created the "John Dunsworth Screen Actor’s Fund", which will support the professional development of Nova Scotia performers, and the Boys have contributed $20K to the fund to get it started.

Contests, News & Announcements - News & Announcements - Trailer Park Boys Season 12 - The Official Trailer

CHANNEL 10 BREAKING NEWS FROM SUNNYVALE: Trailer Park Boys Season 12 comes to Netflix Friday, March 30!

Goofy Moose - Round 1 - Ian Black

Ian Black is the first contestant in the "Goofy Moose" comic competition. If you enjoy Ian's routine, please vote using the LIKE button below. Like collection will close 24 hours from episode's publication, at which time a new comedian will be featured. You can like as many comedians throughout the competition as you wish!

Trailer Park Boys - Season 12 : On Set - TPB12 On Set Part 1 - Welcome to Set

Bubbles is reporting for SwearNet LIVE from Sunnyvale Trailer Park! The crew dicks are back to film Season 12, and Bubbles introduces us to the sound dicks, Ricky’s dopeman, and some other familiar fuckin faces!

Offworld Cookery - Season 2 - Episode 1 - Fine Dining

Paul, Chico, and Alessandro are back with another season of outdoor food cockery! This time, these three English gents actually have a table! Can these posh pricks maintain such a high level of decorum?

Contests, News & Announcements - News & Announcements - Trailer Park Boys Season 11 - The Big Greasy Trailer

Back to Boys being Boys! Watch all 10 episodes of this DECENT season, exclusively on Netflix on March 31st. Feel the need for weed!

Gettin' Learnt with Ricky - Season 2 - Episode 1 - Fuck-You Traps

Ricky had planned to do an episode about ovens but that all goes to shit when he discovers that someone has been fucking with his workshop. Now, he’s going to fuck with them!

Liquor Stories - Season 2 - Episode 1 - VAT 69

Join James Lahey in a toast to a new season of Liquor Stories! Take a trip down memory lane to a hot summer’s day in New York CIty, and find out the fucked connection between Scottish men and VAT 69!

The Jim Lahey Show And Randy - Season 2 - Episode 1 - Make Randy’s Kitchen Great Again

Mr. Lahey has been drunk every single day in 2017, and he and Randy are excited to usher in the Year of the Cock! They interview their “best guest ever,” a yo-yo expert that Lahey met at the laundromat. Plus: Randy’s Kitchen goes to a whole new level!

Dear Julian - Season 2 - Episode 1 - Don’t Be Bettin’ on Fuckin’ Hobo Fights

Julian asked Ricky and Bubbles to help him out for the first episode of the new season of Dear Julian! Hear advice on the morality of hobo fights, how to pass a piss test, and why you shouldn’t fuck with Tie Domi, under any circumstances!

Mailbag - Season 2 - Episode 1 - A Nice Way to Dress up a Dope Jar

JP, Mike, and Dishy Robb are back in the sack, opening packages and a few too many fucking letters. They receive a hand-wired guitar pedal, a novel series, and a couple films - all made by their creative fucking fans! Plus: More goodies from Big Joe!

Trailer Park Cats - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Meat Stealing Operation

Water bongs make smoking dope a smooth experience - maybe too fucking smooth. Especially when you’re a kitty.

Trailer Park Boys - Season 11 : On Set - TPB11 On Set Part 1 - Welcome Back, Crew Dicks

The cameras are back at Sunnyvale Trailer Park! Bubbles meets some new and old crew members, tries to get a date, and gives Preston some well-deserved shit!

The Drunken Hour - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Classified

Introducing Mr. Finch, Tyrone, and Dirt Raskal in their first Drunken Hour session! Today's special guest is Juno award-winning rapper Classified, who talks about Nova Scotia, music, fame, and his opinion of J-Roc!

The Jim Lahey Show And Randy - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Liquor Tears

Ta-daaaa, Lahey and Randy have their own show on SwearNet! The show starts well, as Lahey plays Pick-a-Word, reads some shit-poetry, and argues with Randy about his shirt... but then the Liquor starts to call the shots. Will the arrival of their special guest, actor and author Bill Carr, be able to put this shit-train back on the rails?

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 30 - You've Got Eye Crabs, Bubbles

Something's walking around in Bubbles' eye – what the fack is it? The Boys also discuss space music, how to tackle an alien attack, and whether Ricky could kick a smurf. Julian also calls up some stoned fans while Ricky does some sketching!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 29 - Ron Sexsmith

Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith is this week's podcast guest – and he's brought his guitar! He talks about a trip to Paul McCartney's house, Japanese toilets, and eavesdropping on Elton John. He also plays some tunes with Bubbles!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 28 - Hello? Hello? Hello? FACK!!!

Ricky reveals why he's got a six-foot-long snake in his pants, Julian attempts to phone some TPB fans, and Bubbles tries to get a date on Tinder!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 27 - Adam Baldwin

This week's special guest is Canadian rocker Adam Baldwin! They chat about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, attempt to explain Groundhog Day to Ricky, and discuss 3D vagina art. Ricky also tries to do a greasy business deal... live on air!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 26 - Vincent van GoPro

What's happening to Ricky? He's making 'abacastraca' art, talking French, and doing math! Also: Amazing facts about barcodes, termites, and dead birds, and why Bubbles hates Mr. Magoo!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 25 - Let's Dance

The Boys pay their respects to Grizzly Adams, David Bowie and Glenn Frey, and Julian reveals his favourite dancing songs. They also discuss this year's Oscars, and Ricky's plan to fuck it up!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 24 - Shit People Shouldn't Get Teached

How are Ricky's new year's resolutions going? How does science control daylight? Are there spots on a giraffe's wang? Find out the answers to these fucked questions, and more!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 23 - New Year's Regulations

It's 2016 for everyone... except Ricky! The Boys discuss their plans to get healthy after their fucked-up New Year's blowout, pig gut condoms, and Ricky's Twister boner!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 22 - The Fucking Year in Review

The Boys recover from their holiday blowout and look back at the funniest and most fucked moments from the TPB Podcast! Highlights include Snoop Dogg, looly chickens, Ricky's stunts, and a hilarious meltdown in Amsterdam...

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 20 - Dopeless & Buzzonless in Boston

The Boys are podcasting without a permit in Boston! Before they get arrested they talk about weird Boston facts, Trevor's nipple frostbite, space planes, and why Ricky wants a cock transplant!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 19 - Live from New York City

From Central Park, NYC, the 19th (or 8th or 11th, who fuckin' knows) TPB Podcast! This week's topics including how to beat up Elmo, Gus the neurotic polar bear, "Tits & Grits", and why Randy and Lahey stink! And where the frig do you find dope in the "Center of the Park"?

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 18 - Julian's Drunk Facts

This week's topics include crazy drunk pigs, alcoholic ants, bent birds, and money horses! The Boys also try to figure out what day it is, and Bubbles has a 'taco tummy' emergency!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 17 - Carrot Top's Fuck Den

Fuck Black Friday, it's Red Friday on the podcast as the Boys hang out with comedian Carrot Top in Las Vegas! Topics include strip clubs, Petey Big Bird, and Randy's new smell!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 16 - Hi There, I'm Lampy Lamp

Ricky's had a fight with Lucy - is she cheating on him with one of the podcast sponsors? Also: Was Jimmy Hoffa murdered by a sofa bed? How do you fight a toothless shark? And why in the fuck does Ricky have a lampshade on his head? Episode 16 is brought to you by Liquormen's Ol' Dirty Canadian Whisky!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 15 - Canadian Sniper

Today's guest is Canadian war hero and all-round badass Jody Mitic! He talks about his adventures in the army, and the injuries that changed his life. An unwelcome guest also shows up... but he's only had a coupla drinks! Episode 15 is brought to you by Liquormen's Ol' Dirty Canadian Whisky.

Gettin' Learnt with Ricky - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Grilled Cheese Sammich

Are you drunk and high and craving a grilled cheese sandwich? Ricky shows you how to make a perfect snack that doesn't taste like shit!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 14 - I'm a French-Mexican Superhero Disguised as a Hotdog

Ricky and Bubbles attempt to celebrate Halloween in November! Before they get arrested for trick-or-treating, the boys discuss $30 snuggles, space junk and the dangers of 'rocket load', and wrestling croco-dolphins. Episode 14 is brought to you by Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 13 - Were You Born F**ked, Randy?

Randy takes over the TPB Podcast, and he's brought breakfast Dorito cheeseburgers! This week's topics include Canada's handsome new prime minister, green poop, and... cheeseburgers. RANDY!! Episode 13 is brought to you by Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky.

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 12 - Handgun Pillows and Moon Piss

The Boys are back for another TPB Podcash! They discuss Ships Bigger Than Juniper, Corn Slaves, Kangaroo Vaginas and why Ricky would cut a deal with Cheese Aliens! Episode 12 is brought to you by Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky.

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 11 - Blue Jays and Mr. Preparation H

The Boys are back in Ricky's kitchen! This week's topics include the Toronto Blue Jays, talking can openers, Disco Duck, and why Harvard can suck it. Ricky also attempts a daring jump stunt... Episode 11 is brought to you by Dragons' Den star Michael Wekerle! www.michaelwekerle.ca

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 10 - Esa Tikkanen

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are in Helsinki, Finland, and are joined by hockey legend Esa Tikkanen! They discuss greasy Finnish facts, crazy hockey stories, and how to get a buzz on in a country with no weed. And find out why Bubbles is about to get a boot up his ass! Episode 10 is brought to you by the world-famous El Mocambo live music venue, Toronto!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 9 - High as Fuck in Amsterdam

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are podcasting from De Dampkring coffee shop in Amsterdam! The boys discuss the Red Light District, shrimp wangs, and Ricky's swan obsession. Then the weed kicks in and Ricky and Bubs lose it BIG TIME... Episode 9 is brought to you by the world-famous El Mocambo live music venue, Toronto!

High Fuckers - Season 1 - High Fuckers Pilot

This is the original pitch and pilot for the High Fuckers series, originally presented as part of the Real Fucking Reality Show.

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 8 - Liquored up in London with the Mighty Boosh

The Trailer Boys Podcast comes to you from London, England, with guest stars Mike and Noel Fielding of Mighty Boosh and Luxury Comedy fame! The boys discuss British snacks, Julian's greasy trailer ghosts, what the Queen drinks for breakfast, and why Ricky once dressed up as George Michael. Episode Eight is brought to you by the world-famous El Mocambo live music venue, Toronto!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 7 - You Wanna Get Into It, Baruchel?

This week's podcast guest is international superstar and hat thief, Jay Baruchel! They discuss toonies, Goon 2, and why lettuce is bad for your internet connection. The boys also name their Dickweed of the Week! Episode Seven is brought to you by Wahlburgers restaurant and bar!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 6 - Cybersmoke with Snoop Dogg

Wake 'n' bake with Snoop Dogg as he joins Ricky, Julian and Bubbles via the world pipe! Snoop and the boys discuss Sweden, Ashley Madison, Deflategate, and how to get a robot high. Snoop also asks Bubbles some tricky questions about nuts! Episode Six is brought to you by Wahlburgers restaurant and bar!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 5 - Supercat

Only an idiot gets injured making a podcast – and this week, that idiot is Ricky! Preston the TPB crew guy also spills the beans about Ricky's bad behaviour on set. Also: Bubbles tells a tall tale about his kitty Ronnie Pumpkin, Julian gets excited about a greasy tuna scheme, and the boys reveal next week's awesome guest...

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 4 - Our Guest Smells of Pickles

Bubbles has booked his first guest – it's not Rocky Balboa, but Ricky's still spoiling for a fight! The boys also discuss the benefits of keeping a woolly mammoth, and the difference between Greece and Grease!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 3 - Looly Looly Looly Chicken

What's on Ricky's mind this week? Birds in baby helicopters, eyeballs in strange places, and Sharon Stone! We also find out what (or who) Bubbles would do for $10 million...

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 2 - Hungry Birds

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles bicker over hosting duties, and discuss the latest greasy entertainment news. And why does Ricky think the International Space Station is a ghost?

Cheap Smokes - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Cheap Smokes Answers Back

'Cheap Smokes' comedy duo Kaitlin and Laura were thrilled with your comments about their SwearNet debut! They wanted to say thanks, and show you their boobs... OR DID THEY?

Dear Julian - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Government Dicks and Retirement Scrilla

Got a fucking problem? Tell Dear Julian! In Episode 1 he gives advice on government fines, investing for a brighter retirement, and what's more important – your buddies or your wife.

Trailer Park Boys Podcast - Season 1 - Podcast Episode 1 - Welcome to Ricky's Kitchen

This week on the Trailer Park Boys Podcast: Ricky, Julian and Bubbles discuss Donald Trump, Ricky's solution to the California drought, and how many minutes there are in 30 minutes. We also find out who has a crush on Hulk Hogan, and why Ricky wants a horse!

Real Fucking Reality Show - Season 1 - Episode 29 - Trippin With Leigh Chronicles Pt. 4

A quick update from Leigh – he's at the airport and on his way to Peru! Sounds like Mother Nature might have some plans for him, though...

Trailer Park Boys - Season 10 : On Set - TPB10 On Set Part 1 - Welcome To The Set

Catch up with the Boys on the set of Trailer Park Boys Season 10! Bubbles gives us a tour of his shed and meets a very famous Hollywood director... holy fuck!!

Trailer Park Boys - On the Road with Trailer Park Boys - Episode 33 - Reddit AMA with the Trailer Park Boys

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles held a Reddit AMA to celebrate the release of Trailer Park Boys S9 on Netflix, and we recorded the whole fuckin' greasy session!

Offworld Cookery - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Hawaiian Style

Learn to cook Hawaiian style – kind of! Shivering shits Chico and Paul get liquored up and grapple with hot pork and mackerel to create a feast on the not-remotely-fucking-tropical Scottish island of Rum.

Dicker'd Up with Pug - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Bong Cleaning Station in Accordance

In this inaugural episode, Pug shows us the importance of having power at your bong cleaning station. Friggin' rights he does! I mean how else are you going to plug in the fucking megablaster 5000? Let's cheech!

Trailer Park Boys - Trailer Park Boys 8.5 - Episode 1 - Today Is Jim Lahey's Last Day On Planet Of The Earth

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are back in jail, trying to cope in their own ways. Bubbles is fixing shitty toasters, Julian is working on a money-making scheme... and Ricky is plotting to murder Jim Lahey!

Playing Space With Bubbles - Season 1 - Playing Space With Bubbles - Commercial

Check out the new series 'Playing Space With Bubbles' only on swearnet.com! Coming December 2014.

Liquor Stories - Season 1 - Liquor Stories commercial

Check out Jim Lahey's new new series, Liquor Stories, coming to SwearNet December 2014.

Kitty of the Week - Season 1 - 'June' from the Bide Awhile Shelter

Our first Certified Kitty is yarn ball lover, June. Watch a true professional work his magic on this free range kitty!

Trailer Park Boys - Ask Me Fucking Anything - Ask Me Fucking Anything - Jim Lahey Pt 1

Jim Lahey answers your questions about the liquor, childhood memories, and spending a night with Julian. And he's only had a coupla drinks...

Trailer Park Boys - Trailer Park Boys 7.5 - TPB 7.5 Part 1 - Help Me Blow Up The Tubey Thing

Ricky and Julian promised Bubbles they'd play space today. But Ricky has a major fucking situation on his hands, and needs to blow up something bigger than a rocket!

Real Fucking News and Weather - Season 1 - Extreme Fucking Weather for March 26, 2014

Pat braves the Atlantic Canadian shitstorm of March 26, 2014 for your fucking entertainment. Check out his snowy, windy and scream-filled report!

Shows We Can't Afford to Make Yet - Season 1 - Fucked On Pills

When liquor and dope just isn't enough. Pity we can't afford to make the fucking show yet!

Trailer Park Boys - On the Road with Trailer Park Boys - Episode 13 - What's Cookin', Boys?

The boys and Randy are in Los Angeles, and are about to have an epic fucking day! All will be revealed soon...

Trailer Park Boys - On the Road with Trailer Park Boys - Episode 11 - What A Fucking Rush

Bubbles gets a message through the world pipe and it changes his fucking life forever!

SwearNet On the Road - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Smith, This is NOT Going to Happen Every Fucking Day!

The show starts off on the wrong fucking foot right away. Pat claims he is going to be healthy and won't be drinking alcohol on this tour – or so he thinks...

Real Fucking Reality Show - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Plan Fucking B

Mike's had an idea for a new SwearNet show. And it's FUCKED.

Trailer Park Boys - On the Road with Trailer Park Boys - Episode 1 - Mall of America

Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles take Randy to Mall of America for an awesome day out... and guess who FUCKS IT UP?

Drunk as Fuck - Season 1 - Episode 1

A golf tournament. Pat Roach. Liquor. What could possibly fucking go wrong?

Mailbag - Season 1 - Episode 1

The boys receive an awesome poster and... a fucking leg brace?!

Fried on the Ferry - Season 1 - Episode 1

Robb, JP, and Mike decide to leave the SwearNet office and go for a ride on the Dartmouth ferry. Baked.

Trailer Park Boys - Updates from Sunnyvale - Randy is Happy

Randy is extremely happy because the boys are not around to cause trouble in the trailer park

Guitar Lessons With Bubbles - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Closer to the Heart

Learn to play the RUSH classic Closer To The Heart