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Check out Swearnet.com, the Uncensored Online Comedy Network from the stars of the Trailer Park Boys!

SwearNet Skype - Season 1 - Episode 3

Mike is hungover as fuck, but that doesn't stop him Skyping!

SwearNet : The Movie - Season 1 - SwearNet : Official Redband Trailer

The official Redband Trailer for SWEARNET: THE MOVIE provided by eOne. The funniest, sweariest, most fucked-up movie you will ever fucking see!

Trailer Park Boys - Updates from Sunnyvale - TPB Happy Holidays!

Happy fucking holidays from Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles!

Drunk and on Drugs - Season 1 - Cristall Hearts Sunshine Parish commercial

Let love lead us to there! The Cristall Hearts Sunshine Parish has inspired thousands of devoted followers to await coming of the Bigron. Robb Wells describes how his "higher level of being" has been reached through worship. And nothing to do with being high on drugs.

SwearNet : The Movie - Season 1 - Fan Screening Tour

Robb, JP, Mike, and Pat take SwearNet: The Movie on the road.