Drunk, High and Unemployed Ricky, Julian and Bubbles bring their trailer park humour out onto the stage for a night of bravado, schemes and an intoxicated acting demo.
Season 12 As Bubbles operates a home brewery, Julian and Ricky try to go legit. But when a big business deal beckons, the Boys soon fall into their old ways.
Out of the Park: USA The boys are back on the loose as Bubbles, Julian and Ricky head south of the Canadian border for some outrageous American adventures.
Season 11 When Bubbles and Ricky find Julian living in a shipping container, the boys get back together to grow some weed and try not to get killed.
Out of the Park: Europe Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles go to Europe for a paid vacation and realize when they get there they have to complete tasks in different countries to earn money to party.
Countdown to Liquor Day After their latest jail stint, boozy pals Julian, Bubbles and Ricky plan to go legit but learn trailer park manager Jim aims to demolish their homes.
The Movie In this feature-length adventure, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles -- just out of jail -- plan the lamest scheme yet: to get rich by stealing tons of change.
Season 6 In season six, the Sunnyvale denizens are up to their usual hijinks. Bubbles decides to go legit and opens a feline dream vacation area and theme park called 'Kittyland'. Ricky becomes a garbage man and enlists Trevor to move people's lawn furniture to the curb to be collected and Julian attempts to get into the real estate business and starts buying trailers. Elsewhere, Randy is fed up that Lahey can't seem to stay sober and becomes the Associate Trailer Park Supervisor. Cory and Trevor become entrepreneurs, opening a 'Convenients Store', and Ray gets kicked out of the park for living in the cab of his old rig and throwing 'pissjugs' out the window. Things get unhinged when Mr. Lahey finds super 8 footage taken on Halloween 1977 proving Ricky, Bubbles and Julian caused him to be kicked off the police force and become an alcoholic.
Season 5 Like all good stories, Season 5 of Trailer Park Boys opens in a Nova Scotia jail. This time around, all three of the boys (Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles) went to prison. It wasn't as much fun this time, though. The boys are bored, and Ricky's pissed because the guards won't let him smoke in the slammer. It'll be worth it, though, because when they're released, they'll own Sunnyvale Trailer Park. Thanks to the proceeds from the big dope sale at the Snoop Dog concert in Moncton, the boys are rich.
Season 4 There's a new world order at Sunnyvale Trailer Park. When we left the park last year, Julian (John Paul Tremblay), Mr. Lahey (John Dunsworth), and Randy (Patrick Roach) had all gone to prison in a botched ATM heist. Notable in his absence at Con College was Ricky (Robb Wells), who despite his best efforts, was unable to get arrested and has now become Trailer Park Supervisor. Together with his trusty assistant Bubbles (Mike Smith), Ricky has walled off a portion of the park, where he carries out various illegal activities. Most significantly, Ricky has planted and is growing several HUGE fields of marijuana.
Season 3 For the first time in their lives, Julian (John Paul Tremblay) and Ricky (Robb Wells) get out of jail as rich men. Ricky, however, has no intention of allowing Julian to invest his money in long-term investments such as GICs or RRSPs. Ricky's thinking is more short-term: get some dope, some rum, and a couple of pepperoni sticks to take back to the park. Never let it be said, however, that the Boys don't take care of their friends. Back home, Julian surprises Bubbles (Mike Smith) with new living arrangements, while Ricky buys Bubbles a set of wheels to get around the park. Mr. Lahey (John Dunsworth) and Randy (Pat Roach) keep a vigilant eye at all times on the three.
Season 2 Building on the success of last season, a season which earned Trailer Park Boys a Gemini nomination in the Best Ensemble Performance category, this year starts with Julian (John Paul Tremblay) and Ricky (Robb Wells) getting picked up outside of prison by Bubbles (Mike Smith). Things are going to be different this time, they vow. The days of nickel and dime scams are over. It's time to go big or go home. Time to get professional. Julian has a plan. It's called 'Freedom 35' and it calls for Ricky to grow as much of his awesome dope as he can, which Julian will then sell to prisons across the country through his prison guard contacts. In return, they'll make a trailer full of cash, enough to let them retire early and stay out of crime forever.
Season 1 Trailer Park Boys is a series about love, friends, and family... or perhaps it's about everything that can go wrong with love, friends, and family. At the center of Trailer Park Boys are Ricky (Robb Wells), Julian (Jean Paul Tremblay) and Bubbles (Mike Smith), whose lives are shaped by their experiences growing up in Sunnyvale Trailer Park.