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Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Kyle Barnet Kyle Barnet is today’s Goofy Moose comedian. He’s fine with bird tattoos, but not bird’s tattoos. Vote for Kyle by clicking the “like” button!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Kevin Dupuis Kevin Dupuis is an air-humping comedian who is part man, part scorpion, and part crab. He’s also today’s Goofy Moose comedian!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Kanin Kunitz Kanin Kunitz is a toe-sucking comedian who has a few opinions on baby names, flesh lights, and North/South Korea relations. Vote for him with the “like” button!
Real Fucking Reality Show Real Fucking Reality Show Episode 37 - Yum Yum for the Tum Tum Pat Roach is getting comfortable in his new work space at SwearNet Studios - maybe a bit too comfortable. The Boys confront Pat to ask him what in the fuck are they paying him for.
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 126 - Suck My Pokemon The Boys are back for their first fully-conscious podcash of 2018! They talk about their New Year’s Resolutions (Ricky has already blown his), and Bubbles introduces some new segments for the new year, including one for the kitties!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Daniel Allen Daniel Allen is back on the Goofy stage, and he gives us some insight on his birthday card strategies, plans for food pantries, and more! If you like him, prove it by clicking the “like” button!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Adam Mitchell Adam Mitchell is back with a tale about a drifter with an AIDS-knife, and he comments on the turning of the fashion seasons on today’s Goofy Moose set! Vote for the paramedic/comedian with the “like” button if you like him!
Real Fucking Reality Show Real Fucking Reality Show Episode 36 - A Solid Day’s Work Positive Pat finishes setting up his personal gym and tests out the workout equipment. He also has a healthy Asian lunch, complete with an egg roll that was most likely baked.
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 13 - Sweet and Cunty Peanuts Robb, JP, and Mike get a spicy package from an American army vet, they witness the effects of bong water on plants, and JP uses his sword to slice open a package of happy balls! PLUS: Learn about their photo shoot from absolute hell!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Simon Greenough Simon Greenough is our comedian of the day. He claims he will be the low point of the Goofy Moose, but if you disagree, click the “like” vote!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 12 - Highest Mailbag Ever Mike nearly blows his head off with some nuclear hot sauce, Robb smells a bear’s ass, and JP may/may not be aroused by a muscular Mountie. PLUS: Who, or what, is Alien Female?
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Martin Edwards Martin Edwards is back, with some comments on Backstreet Boys in the early morning, drinking Colt 45 as an adult, and much more. Vote for him if you like him!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Vince Alexander Vince Alexander was aiming to be the whitest person of 2017, let’s see if we can at least make him the comedian of the week! Click the “like” button if you enjoy his set.
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 125 - We've Been Drinking for Six Days Smokey might be in high spirits after making a killing during the holidays, but Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles are totally out of commission after six straight days of drinking. Bubbles pleads with Chipper to turn off the cameras, and Ricky enters 2018 with a bang.
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Dan Hendricken Dan Hendricken is back on the Goofy Moose stage, this time as a host! Send a vote for Thor by clicking the “like” button.