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Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Dan Hendricken Dan Hendricken is back on the Goofy Moose stage, this time as a host! Send a vote for Thor by clicking the “like” button.
Real Fucking Reality Show Real Fucking Reality Show Episode 35 - Grab an End! Pat “Mr. Positivity” Roach is eager to get his workout regimen started, but first he needs to set up his gym. Surely some kind soul at SwearNet Studios will help him move his workout equipment. Right? FUCK!
Contests, News & Announcements Contests, News & Announcements News & Announcements Trailer Park Boys Christmas Message 2017 Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, and fucking Randy wish you a lot of Christmas!
Real Fucking Reality Show Real Fucking Reality Show Episode 34 - Positive Pat Pat Roach is turning over a new leaf and is approaching his return to SwearNet with a fresh attitude. His positivity gets tested when the Boys lay out his tasks for the day. PLUS: What in the fuck is a raccoon dog?
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 124 - For Old Enzymes Randy was on last week’s podcash but SMOKEY is here this week! The Boys talk about their Christmas gifts, their New Year’s Resolutions, and Ricky talks about introducing himself to food. PLUS: Find out where YOU can meet Smokey on New Year’s Eve!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose JJ Jones All the way from Boston, JJ Jones shares stories about his university days in Halifax, his adventures with amputee porn, and spreading his seed in the name of innocence. Send a vote his way!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Anthony David Wade Show Anthony David Wade some SwearNet love by clicking the “like” button and propel his arse to the status of “Comedian of the Week.”
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Foad HP Foad HP is well-groomed, in good shape, and would like your vote. Click the “like” button to support him!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Travis Lindsay Travis Lindsay is both a comedian who appears on TV, as well as a tea shop employee. If he’s your cup of tea, vote for him by clicking the “like” button!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Ryan Levis Ryan Levis comes to us all the way from Victoria to tell us about fuckin’. Vote for the west coaster by clicking the “like” button!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Rick Mcgray Rick Mcgray smoked a bit too much weed today but he’s going to perform anyway. Give him a vote by clicking the “like” button.
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Scott Maclean Scott Maclean is our Goofy Moose comedian of the day. Scott worries about his inner pervert, but thankfully there is medicinal marijuana to soothe his anxiety. If you like him, prove it by clicking the “like” button!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Jarrett Campbell Some technical fuckery meant that you dicks couldn't vote for Jarrett Campbell when we first aired this set. Here's an encore presentation to give you a chance to click "like"!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Steve Mackie Steve Mackie is not a fan of the spotlight (literally) but if you enjoy his set please vote for him by clicking the “like” button!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Mark Walker Mark Walker likes his beer and whisky, and if you like his nearly half-hour set, click the “like” button to vote for him!