Preview Show : Episode Descripton
Greenmount Greenmount Episode 7 - Girls There are two half-naked guests in the house. So, who hooked up with them last night? Unless... they're in the house for another reason?!?
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 46 - Whatever You Do, Don't Mention the COCK Swords are flying today as JP gets fucked over again - let's hope he doesn't lose his fucking lunch! Also: Dope dope trays, birthday money that isn't, and a gummy explosion!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 19 - The Boys In The Hall Ricky's french horn practice is interrupted by a surprise visitor - Bruce McCulloch from The Kids In The Hall! He tells the Boys about his tough childhood being raised by a cigarette machine. Also: Sucking off a truck, Bubbles' Elvis facts, and cuddling a cow!
Greenmount Greenmount Episode 6 - Eddie's Parents Get the tea on, Eddie's parents are coming to visit! No... not THAT fucking kind of tea!!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 18 - The Birds and the Bees, the Beavers and the Booze The Boys are getting ready for a long drinking weekend to celebrate Nova Scotia's borntday! Before they get totally fucked up they discuss Ricky's jail jacking habit, the awesomeness of Terry Fox, and big school words! Also: Which new movie is gonna make Ricky cry?
Greenmount Greenmount Episode 5 - Heating Bill How can an argument about a heating bill lead to a outbreak of (literally) blue balls? It could only happen in this fucking household...
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 45 - SEVENTEEN FUCKING DOLLARS The Boys receive an official-looking letter... are they about to get sued, or is it something awesome? Also: Mystery glass, greasy tees, and John Lennon has a clue for you all!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 17 - The Big Fucking Bang Theory Terry's still givin'er a week later... and has racked up a massive bill! Can he get a job as the captain of the Halifax Harbour Hopper and pay Julian back? Also: Deecent hot sauce, Japanese ass splashers, and Bubbles explains the whole history of the universe!
Greenmount Greenmount Episode 4 - First Date First dates are scary as fuck. Is she into the same movies? The same food? And most importantly, is she into half-shaved balls?
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 16 - Rollin' Right into Heaven - on a Flock of Reindeer Terry's back in Sunnyvale, and he's making himself at home! He'll only be there for one or 10 days, no big fuckin' deal. The Boys discuss fighting bears, the science of heaty and coldy, and storming Area 51. Also: Ricky and Terry retell the story of baby Jesus! They might have got a few details wrong though...
Greenmount Greenmount Episode 3 - Fletcher's Habit Are you a weed-smoking stoner superhero, or a square Johnny Big Dick? There's only one way to settle this - SMOKE OFF!!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 44 - Stabby Tremblay On the latest action-packed Mailbag: JP get pissed and foils a plot, there's something retro for Bubbles' boom box, and Ricky gets a new cook book! Is he gonna make piss butter?!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 15 - Trinity the Hortons Asstant Asstant Supervisor The Boys have a special guest in the trailer today, and Ricky's made some ass-blasting dirty ribs, potato salad and liquor cake to celebrate! They discuss the mystery meat of a McRib, what the fuck a 'horizontal refreshment' is, and how Julian made $1000 at the beach!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 14 - Grumpy Pumpy and the Muscletones The Boys are still partying into the weekend - except Julian's lost his precious bottle of rum, and Ricky nearly set Sunnyvale alight with his fireworks display last night! The Boys examine the shitty contents of Ricky's fridge, and discuss the worst kids' names, eating an octopus, and why wombats shit bricks!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 13 - We Don't Fuck With Anyone, So Don't Fuck With Us It's the Canada Day long weekend and the Boys are already fucked up! They try some 'hair of the dog' and discuss awesome Canada facts, pig holes in hot dogs, boob farms, and the best way to steam Bubbles' buns. Also: The Boys write the new Canadian national anthem!