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Cheap Smokes Cheap Smokes Season 3 Episode 8 - YOU BET: The Movie (Trailer) Not coming to a theater near you this summer: A tale of danger, intrigue, sex, danger, ass, intrigue... and ass. This is Jean-Marie's story. This is the movie we don't deserve.
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 7 - I'd Bang One of You Guys for a Slap Chop Julian's calling the shots in Ricky's kitchen today - and dirty ol' Dog Cakes are on the menu! The Boys also discuss itchy nuts, sad onions and damn spicy pickles, and Ricky gets us learnt about flying!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 6 - Bubbles' Slow Fried Bologny Sammiches Grab a bologny sammich and join the Boys as they figure out how to hear the wind, what's at the end of the universe, and the existence of samsquamptches and moonicorns! And guess who ate one kushy gummy bear too many, and is now baked as fuck?!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 39 - Episode Seven Million, Four Hundred and Twelve On today's stuffed Mailbag: A fucked idea for a SwearNet show, candy smokes (let's go), bone suckin' mustard and a Beatles bonanza! And are two superfans trying to kill the Boys with fucking fruit pies?!?
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 5 - Givin'r With FUBAR The Boys have a special fucking guest today: Terry from FUBAR has stumbled into the park, in search of his Nova Scotian ancestors! He's also brought some fucked frozen treats from the Prairies - who dares eat one? They also discuss mouth hugs, the Littlest Hobo, and how to cook bolonairs!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 4 - Three-Soft-Cock Dornichos It's raining horse cocks outside, but it's cosy in the trailer as Ricky cooks up an awesome pepperoni treat! The Boys also discuss eye bees, how not to fuck up a microwave oven, and more amazing facts about Canada... or not!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 3 - Heaty Mac 'n' Cheese With Deep-Fried Chicken Parts Ricky's got a new gift - an awesome $6 microwave! Before he blows the fuckin' roof off the trailer with it, he cooks up the best Kraft Dinner ever, guaranteed to get him banged! Also: Visiting a bear in jail, the worst ever Guinness World Record attempt, and the Boys make a phone call to... Canada!
Cannabis Cannabis Episode 7 - Fight For Your Right! Amy chills out with the White Castle hybrid, chats to Dr. Dina about the work of and their mission to 'bring light to a dark cell', and Dr. Ira breaks down the science of cannabis! Also: Amy's medicated milkshakes will bring every mafacka to the yard!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 38 - Piss Jug Punk This week: A song for Ray, hot slutty Golden Girls, fart control solutions, and a fucking wild new look for Robb! Plus: Mike sharpens his pencil in a cat's butt!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 2 - Sweet Empowered Chicken Burgers (With Egg Rolls) For fuck's sake Ricky, put your pants on and get ready for Episode 2! Find out why Park After Dark isn't in the dark, whether a peacock mantis shrimp or armadillo would make a good pet, and why you shouldn't take a dirty ol' grizzly bear bowling. Also: Ricky cooks up a fucking fusion cuisine treat!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 37 - I'm Not Feeling Wild Boar In today's Mailbag: A touching letter, dope art, a shitty Pop Rocks overload, Gus Fring, and greasy wild pig snacks! Also: JP's gonna have the time of his life with his dirrrty new board game!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Episode 1 - Monster Cock A big fucking welcome to Ricky's kitchen! He's rustled up some special sauce and chicken fingers (the good kind) and got a coupla rockers from Monster Truck to jam with Bubbles! The Boys also chat about smoking with Snoop Dogg, why snorting ants is fucked, Finnish saunas and Japanese ass lasers!
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 189 - Le Fuckin' French Podcast Why does Bubbles want to open a supermarket in his shed? Who was Julian's first Star Trek crush? Why does Ricky want to be a seal? And why in the fuck is everyone speaking French?!? Grab some popcorn (sans Band-Aid) and tune in!
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 188 - Dirty Old Street Meat The Boys are back from their tropical cruise - and Ricky and Julian are sick as fuck! Was it the BBQ chicken, Randy's cheeseburgers, or the steak with weird sauce? Bubbles investigates! Also: the dangers of jacking your goalie, and how to avenge Randy for his dirty burgers!
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 187 – High Dicks on the High Seas Grab a ‘Penis Colada’ and join Ricky, Julian and Bubbles for a very special TPB Podcast, filmed live on the fuckin’ Norwegian Pearl cruise ship! Jacob (and his waxed wiener) bring the Boys a care package, Ricky gets learnt on how a boat works, and special guest Tom Green gets ‘er done! Also: The Boys hold a Q&A with the drunk-as-fuck audience!