Video Show, Season & Episode Description
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 4 Episode 7 - Real Deal Fancy Wine Tasting The Boys break out the dirty ol' cupboard wine for a fancy tasting session - which tipple passes with flying carpets, and which is gonna make Ricky puke? Also: Get banged on a cruise, get a fucking bruise!
Terry is FUBAR Terry is FUBAR FUBAR Sessions Episode 1 - Age Of Covid: Corn Teen Funkin Blow Lazer stops by with some beers and the boys get to prankin’ Shank, but Terry’s got a secret.
Social Shorts Social Shorts Season 2 Social Roundup - June 2022 In the last *month* of social shorts: we got Orlando, Dallas, MacKinnon, lotsa fightin' -- and Terry's back!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 4 Episode 6 - Hot Dog Pickle Celery Caesar Party Get the liquor and weiners flowing, the Boys are heading into a big party weekend! But will they get invited to Nathan MacKinnon's Stanley Bong party? Also: Ricky's got a fucked rag doll story that will blow the cock right off your ass!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 4 Episode 5 - One Hot, Sexy Night In Dallas The Boys - and fuckin' Conky - are live and drunk as fuck in Dallas! Find out why Ricky's wearing tight pants, meet Cory's dumber-than-fuck Texan cousin, and singalong with Bubbles! Also: Which Irish jigger is gonna win a slow dance with Sexian?
Mailbag Mailbag Season 3 Episode 15 - I Just Wanna Piece Of Fucking Chocolate What's in the Bag today? Dirty ol' Newfie swish, a double whammy of Kiss kitty tees, Muscle Rocks and dope shirts.... but all Mike wants is some fucking chocolate!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 4 Episode 4 - Liquor, Dope, Popcorn, Facts Get learnt with the Boys today! Find out why everyone in the 19th century was drunk as fuck, the greasy underwater world of fish fetishes, and how to knock out an orangutan. Also: The Boys get down to Barry fuckin' Manilow!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 3 Episode 14 - Gator Shit Jerky This week: The three drunk-ass bitches get more wedding invites, Ricky gets a bookle, and a liquor bird swoops in with a diaper-licious alligator snack! Also: Don't stop believin' - good advice and inspiration from JP!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 4 Episode 3 - Gee Whizz, Jeopardy! Hands on your buzzers Boys, Bubbles Trebek is back with another fucked-up round of Jeopardy! Also: Ricky's glowstick weiner, gettin' learnt with breakfast cereal, and a plane crazy bang!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 3 Episode 13 - JP's Muscular Party Popper Party Alright fuckers, it's time to party! JP's got a borntday box full of party poppers and treats, but can he smash a piñata with his bare muscles? Also: the best fuckin' chips in the world, and a plushy Spenny! Or is it Kenny?
Turnbuckles Turnbuckles Teaser Trailer New feature, coming to SwearNet on August 9th: Turnbuckles!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 4 Episode 2 - Ricky The Bonzai King Poor Bubbles is feeling pretty fucked thanks to the 'rona! Once he wakes up, the Boys discuss a green idea for a new business, how to arrest a killer sheep, and a totally fucked taste test. Also: Ricky reads his beautiful new poem, 'The Wind Is A Cunt'!
Social Shorts Social Shorts Season 2 Social Roundup - 30 May 2022 Dallas announcement, Orlando Megaconky bowl shots, and more SwearMan, in the last week of social shorts!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 4 Episode 1 - Live As Fuck In Orlando Orlando, give it up for Ricky, Julian and Bubbles! The Boys go live for an epic one-hour podcast, with dancing, singing, liquor shots and sexual lumberjacks bearing Big Macs! There's also an appearance from a special guest... FUCKFACE!
Trailer Park Cats Trailer Park Cats Season 3 Episode 10 - Randy's Little Bitch Cyrus is back in the park and he's not fucking around. But look the fuck out dickweed, Randy's pants are coming OFF!