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Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Dan Hendricken Dan Hendricken has some comedy to deliver but first he airs his grievances about language misinterpretations and guys names Greg. If you like Dan, go ahead and vote for him!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Ryan Fried Ryan Fried is a Jewish-German comedian who feels left out during Christmas so he’s thinking about buying the holiday (he’d at least settle for a decent Hanukkah movie that doesn’t star Adam Sandler). Vote for him and make him comic of the week!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Andrew Spicer Andrew Spicer is a new dad and is excited to have a night out for fuck sakes. He talks about parental exhaustion, the benefits of cocaine use, and his mom’s tiny perception of the internet. Click the “Like” button to vote for him!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Adam Mitchell Adam Mitchell is a paramedic with some completely fucked up stories to share. He shares his thoughts about assisted suicide, ass-wiping nurses, and butt plugs. Vote for him by clicking the “like” button!
Real Fucking Reality Show Real Fucking Reality Show Episode 33 - Pat's in a Funk Pat Roach meets with the Boys and reveals that he’s been spending most of his time drinking, eating donairs, and playing video games. The Boys come up with a plan to help get Pat out of his funk and provide SwearNet with some great content.
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Richie Bell Richie Bell is today’s Goofy Moose comedian. Watch his set and if you like it, click the “like” button (not rocket appliances)!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Kristyn Green Kristyn Green appreciates the simple things in life, like going to bed early, picking friends, and creamed corn. If you appreciate her comedy, vote for her!
State of the Union State of the Union Season 2 December 18, 2017 Mike gets his hair did while he, JP, and Robb update us about a top-secret project that they can’t really talk about. They chat about the return of the Real Fucking Reality Show, and the Boys share their plans for the Christmas holidays.
Real Fucking Reality Show Real Fucking Reality Show Episode 32 - Pat Roach’s Contract The Boys are busy as fuck and Christmas is around the corner, but SwearNet needs more fucking content so Mike fires up the cameras and resumes the Real Fucking Reality Show! Luckily, they’re going to have some help, in the form of Pat fucking Roach.
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 122 - All the Way from LA, Mike Rowe Emmy-award winning comedy writer Mike Rowe joins the podcash to share some stories about Rodney Dangerfield, Andy Kaufman, Donald Trump, and others. PLUS: Learn Mike’s joke that got cut from the Justin Bieber roast for being too greasy!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 11 - You Stupid Pair of Cunts It’s good to be back in the bag! Robb, JP, and Mike sit in a VERY smokey Mailbag tent and open gifts from all over the world, including a swan card for Robb, some amazing art from a 14 year old fan, and a special colouring book specifically sent for JP!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Carey Lee Carey Lee is not an Asian woman, he’s a singer-songwriter with tunes about totally fucked restaurant mishaps, gonorrhea, and he even includes an ode to the smartest guy in the park. You have 24 hours to “like” this comic!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Daniel Allen Daniel Allen is the final comic of the week, and he weighs in on motorized bicycles, apartment hunting, and why he doesn’t want to be a nurse. If you like what you see, support Daniel by clicking the “like” button!