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Liquor Stories Liquor Stories Season 2 Episode 1 - VAT 69 Join James Lahey in a toast to a new season of Liquor Stories! Take a trip down memory lane to a hot summer’s day in New York CIty, and find out the fucked connection between Scottish men and VAT 69!
Liquor Stories Liquor Stories Season 2 Episode 2 - Duchessa Chianti Lahey brings us back to a life-changing trip he took to Italy as a young man trying to find himself. He found himself alright, with a bottle of wine, running bulls, and more than one sexy Italian!
The Jim Lahey Show And Randy The Jim Lahey Show And Randy Season 2 Episode 1 - Make Randy’s Kitchen Great Again Mr. Lahey has been drunk every single day in 2017, and he and Randy are excited to usher in the Year of the Cock! They interview their “best guest ever,” a yo-yo expert that Lahey met at the laundromat. Plus: Randy’s Kitchen goes to a whole new level!
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 80 - Ricky the Discount Dentist Ricky thinks he can get into dentistry because they’re basically just mechanics for teeth. Also, the Boys debate the differences between a spider and an octopus, and wonder if Moses was on mushrooms when he talked to the burning bush.
Dear Julian Dear Julian Season 2 Episode 4 - Half-Naked Most of the Time Bubbles is back as a special guest, and he’s really earning his pay (a bag of chips). They answer questions about shitty landlords, animals on weed, the reasons behind Julian’s love of black shirts, and much more!
Dear Julian Dear Julian Season 2 Episode 3 - How in the Fuck Do You Make Swish? Julian and special guest Bubbles answer your questions about the origins of the Green Bastard, how to rip off Employment Insurance, Randy as a child, and the most fucked up things they’ve ever seen Ricky do.
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 79 - Plane Crashes and Penises The Boys are so baked for this one, they think it’s episode 80, not 79. Between giggle fits (which can be solved by breaking things), the Boys discuss “The Day the Music Died,” eyeball licking, and they dust off the buzzers for a quick game of Sunnyvale Jeopardy!
State of the Union State of the Union January 30, 2017 The Boys brought Leigh in for a State of the Trippy Union! Learn about plans for the second installment of Trippin’ with Leigh plus get some details on a live tour! The Boys (sans creepy fucking costumes) also give updates on Out of the Park: USA, bongs, and Snoop Dogg!
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 78 - Did Ricky Drug Bruce McCulloch?! Kids in the Hall alumnus Bruce McCulloch is in the trailer, and we don’t know what Ricky gave him! The Boys chat with the Canadian comedy icon about where he was when Michael Jackson’s hair caught fire, the Ten Commandments, Andre the Giant, and much more!
Trailer Park Cats Trailer Park Cats Episode 4 - Ricky Smokes and Swears in Court Every kitty gets his day in court. Kitty Ricky invokes the People's Freedom of Choices and Voices Act to allow him to smoke and swear in court in order to defend himself against allegations of stealing gas!
Dear Julian Dear Julian Season 2 Episode 2 - Does Bubbles Prefer to Feed the Geese? Bubbles and Ricky are back, getting their fingerprints all over Julian’s new table. The Boys answer questions about whether or not 2017 will suck hard, how many kilometres are on the Shitmobile, as well as an extremely intimate question about Bubbles’ love life!
Dear Julian Dear Julian Season 2 Episode 1 - Don’t Be Bettin’ on Fuckin’ Hobo Fights Julian asked Ricky and Bubbles to help him out for the first episode of the new season of Dear Julian! Hear advice on the morality of hobo fights, how to pass a piss test, and why you shouldn’t fuck with Tie Domi, under any circumstances!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 2 - The Kiln-Baked Boys The Boys get some truly fucked up letters that sort of look like ransom notes, along with some kiln-baked clay versions of themselves. They also receive some DECENT Elvis memorabilia and a trippy jar for Leigh, all in the name of Cluster Headache awareness!
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 77 - Ricky for President, 2020 The Presidential Inauguration in the USA has Ricky pondering a run of his own in 2020, and he already has a slogan! The Boys also discuss the genius behind the “Hollyweed” sign, the best ways to harvest kitty fur, and Sunnyvale virtual reality!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 1 - A Nice Way to Dress up a Dope Jar JP, Mike, and Dishy Robb are back in the sack, opening packages and a few too many fucking letters. They receive a hand-wired guitar pedal, a novel series, and a couple films - all made by their creative fucking fans! Plus: More goodies from Big Joe!