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Real Fucking Reality Show Real Fucking Reality Show Episode 32 - Pat Roach’s Contract The Boys are busy as fuck and Christmas is around the corner, but SwearNet needs more fucking content so Mike fires up the cameras and resumes the Real Fucking Reality Show! Luckily, they’re going to have some help, in the form of Pat fucking Roach.
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 122 - All the Way from LA, Mike Rowe Emmy-award winning comedy writer Mike Rowe joins the podcash to share some stories about Rodney Dangerfield, Andy Kaufman, Donald Trump, and others. PLUS: Learn Mike’s joke that got cut from the Justin Bieber roast for being too greasy!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Adam Mitchell Adam Mitchell is a paramedic with some completely fucked up stories to share. He shares his thoughts about assisted suicide, ass-wiping nurses, and butt plugs. Vote for him by clicking the “like” button!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 11 - You Stupid Pair of Cunts It’s good to be back in the bag! Robb, JP, and Mike sit in a VERY smokey Mailbag tent and open gifts from all over the world, including a swan card for Robb, some amazing art from a 14 year old fan, and a special colouring book specifically sent for JP!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Carey Lee Carey Lee is not an Asian woman, he’s a singer-songwriter with tunes about totally fucked restaurant mishaps, gonorrhea, and he even includes an ode to the smartest guy in the park. You have 24 hours to “like” this comic!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Daniel Allen Daniel Allen is the final comic of the week, and he weighs in on motorized bicycles, apartment hunting, and why he doesn’t want to be a nurse. If you like what you see, support Daniel by clicking the “like” button!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Catherine Robertson Catherine Robertson microwaves 67 cent hamburgers and it makes her question her place in life. Hear more on that, plus some thoughts on dick pics, emojis, and childhood romance. If you’re a fan of Catherine’s stand-up, click the “Like This Comic” button!
State of the Union State of the Union Season 2 December 8, 2017 Robb and JP are joined by a human kite to share the latest news from the SwearNet world, including the return of an old show (along with everyone’s favourite large-gutted dickhead), the debut of a new show, Season 12 developments, and more!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Ian Black Ian Black is the first contestant in the "Goofy Moose" comic competition. If you enjoy Ian's routine, please vote using the LIKE button below. Like collection will close 24 hours from episode's publication, at which time a new comedian will be featured. You can like as many comedians throughout the competition as you wish!
Goofy Moose Goofy Moose Martin Edwards Martin Edwards might look like a long-dead 1990’s bass player, but he is alive and well, and has a few things to say about dollar store goths, YouTube comment sections, and the misery of the Eagles. If you like Martin, click the fucking button, it’ll be active for 24 hours.
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 121 - Smokin’ Doctors Julian signed a bong deal for the Boys and Ricky does some quality control testing with the help of some hash… er, chocolate. PLUS: The Boys bust out an old nickname that infuriates Bubbles!
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 120 - Julian’s Christmas Store It’s December and that means it’s time for the Boys to start thinking about their greasy Christmas schemes. Julian discusses his own version of Amazon, Ricky defends Flat Earthers, and Bubbles sizes up his chances on Shark Tank!
Contests, News & Announcements Contests, News & Announcements News & Announcements Bubbles and the Shitrockers (feat. Alex Lifeson) - "Who's Got Yer Belly" While on the road for Netflix’s “Trailer Park Boys - Out of the Park: USA,” Bubbles did not fuck around! Instead, he and the Shitrockers (along with Alex fuckin’ Lifeson) recorded a song and shot a music video that is sure to make him a star!
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Podcasts Podcast Episode 119 - Elise LeGrow Loves Kitties and Chicken Fingers It’s Elise LeGrow’s first time in Sunnyvale but the Toronto musician has so much in common with the Boys, she might as well be from the park. She plays a tune with Bubbles and drinks some Liquormen’s whisky on the ACTUAL 119th episode of the podcash.